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I'm laughing that you asked for something to write about yesterday, and look what happened! I do hope the reverse karma thing works. I've got several things to try with your method!

Sprite's Keeper

I work in this line.
You should have called the cops. I'm sure they were nice people but "knowing a guy" means your Prius may not be "right-us" after the "repair-us".


Hope you bumper karma is reversed--and not into the bumper again. Maybe you should remove the targets on the bumper? I'm sure they are there, look how irresistible they are to other cars.


Oy, why does it have to be so complicated! What happened to just having somebody slam into you and then handing their insurance card over!

Remind me to tell you about the time when I was 21 and I broadsided a guy, totalling his car, and then a few weeks later he called and asked me out.

I do admire your tender heart and compassion to be moved by these people's pleas.

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