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Is it me or is that sheep missing his head? If I were the shepherd I'd be a little concerned about more headless sheep. Jude did a great job and had a great comeback. That is a very talented boy you have there.

I just bought an hour massage on Living Social or whatever it is called for $30. It is all I can do not to use it today. You waited over a week? That's fortitude.

Congrats on the jobs. We get our interns to tweet, post to Facebook and write blog posts. Please don't tell them that they can get paid for doing it.


Dentists are cruel torturous little sods....I could tell ya stories. :P

Have an awesome Monday!
aka kristinesplace (Twitter)

unmitigated me

Careful about not mixing up those Twitter accounts. Some guy at Chrysler did that and used the F-word on the wrong account. Oops.


I am convinced that there is something wrong with a person who wants to be an endodontist. I swear, they are all sadists.


Yay for jobs that are enjoyable! And yes, don't mix up your Twitter accounts. But do let us know who you're pretending to be. I promise to @ you with complete professionalism.


ייעוץ זוגי

I get the much needed massage, which I actually paid and not have to wait for friends to give birthday present.

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