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Holy Shit.

I'm doing a series on aging over at my blog (that's a joke as it's hardly a series) and I wish that I could keep it up until it's time for me to get an AARP card.

Would it be wild and crazy to burn them like the draft protesters did during Vietnam?


I sad to say that I possess one of those. Only consolation is the magazine is usually very good.

Amy in Australia

But think of the discounts!!

(you make it look good, girl.)


They have to go after members while they are still young, because their current base is dying off. And they are one of the most powerful political lobbies in DC. And you can get discounts at the movies!

The Bug

My husband got one last year & they automatically sent me one too - I thought, "sweet - I get to use the discounts four years early!"

Mama Badger

You know you're old when you're in it for the discounts... ;)


I say, bring on that AARP card. You and I look better and feel better than a lot of 40 year olds we know. In fact, I was actually going to post my AARP card as my Facebook profile but I lost it.

Sprite's Keeper

Don't sign it! Just shred it and pretend it never happened...

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