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unmitigated me

I just had the exact same conversation with my son. It's like we're psychic or something. My husband's not an actor though, he just likes to...wait, TMI?


Hey, everyone's normal is just a bit different. At least he didn't freak out over the makeup. That might have been harder to explain.

Sprite's Keeper

I think I want to be a fly on your wall for a little while. It sounds way too entertaining over there!

Mama Badger

I was thinking the same thing unmitigated was. At least your actors.

You're giving the kid great fodder for college parties, and girlfriend sympathy. Think of it that way.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Wow! I can totally picture Jimmy as Grandma Laura! I'm glad Jude was not fazed by any of this. Really, I'm sure deep down he knows that dress works for boys and girls - even grownup ones.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Correction: dress-up works....


I love that he thinks this is normal for a married couple, but that dogs have to be married to have kids. Context is key.

And I *KNEW* the household of two actors must be way fun!


I'm dying.


Yes...Jude is the child of actors. And I think I love him.


You should really print this out and keep it. It will help when Jude starts therapy to be able to pinpoint the defining moment:)
Actually, I've had much worse conversations with my kids and we certainly aren't actors.


I love it. It's a great scene.


Awesome scene. And the Studio sounds so cool! So generous to go and lend your time.

We'll be expecting a pic of J in his Grandma Laura outfit.


He is going to have the best stories of all the kids in his freshman dorm.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Your life could be a TV show.

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