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You are BRAVE. When I mention our weather or say the slightest thing about how gorgeous, how glorious it's been -- well, I'm abused.


It may be sarcastic but those pics were some much needed sunshine!!! Loved them all!!!


I try to stay away from talking about the weather too much because of the lack of a sarcasm font. I hope mommy and pop are okay.

Sprite's Keeper

I live in a warmer climate than you and even I'm a little jealous..



unmitigated me

Shut. UP. The cold and low pressure are KILLING my back right now. WHY do I still live here? I really need to have a winter home elsewhere. Like your place. I think you need a house-guest. From, like, November to March, say. I'm packing right now. What's your address again?

Sarah at themommylogues

You might think it's cruel, but I've got 3 feet of snow on the ground (we've managed to AVOID the blizzards, so this is the usual). I'm with Kristine, I just need to know that there's sunshine and green SOMEWHERE in the world. I will be writing later today about how winter is dead to me.


Sigh. Such lovely plants and flowers and fruit. We won't see a single green plant outside until May, maybe June with the way the weather has been going. Thanks for sharing, you stay warm and dry now, you hear?

Ginny Marie

Such an apt title. If I didn't love snow, I might have to stop following you. ;)

Those photos are a wonderful sight for sore (and cold) eyes!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

So pretty! I do love Birds of Paradise...Not likely to see many up here in Seattle. Let me know if you'd like to see a really pretty rhododendron, though.

Just Call Me Yankee

I could totally hear the sarcasm in the post. Even before I got to the end. I love the photos. We don't get a lot of snow in my area, although the state has had plenty this year, however it has been pretty cold and there's not much to look at right now. Love the pics. Glad to see some pretty plants and flowers, even if they aren't mine.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

Now that all of your East Coast friends have gotten their emotional outrage worked out, could you please send your very close West Coast friend some of those citrus treasures? We'll take tangerines/oranges/anything I can put in their lunchboxes. These girls go through fruit like I don't know what. I will give you bags. I will come pick for myself.

Great post, by the way. My recent post addresses my lack of material.


How dare you.

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