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I sympathize with Jude. Turbo is also sick--has been since Friday. Being sick is no fun.

Sprite's Keeper

Your weekend was as eventful as mine.
Sorry for the luck on the commercials. I am officially throwing my well wishes into your ring. :-)
Feel better, Jude!

Sarah at themommylogues

Blech. I was all geared up by the end of the week for some TIME AWAY FROM THE CHILDREN. And wouldn't you know it? Husband got sick. Two days of fever. So not only was I stuck, but I really had to be Super Mommy. Which is exhausting. Rounded out the weekend with back to back swimming lessons at the Y. Last night I felt like I'd cried all day, but then realized it was just my eyes hurting from All the Chlorine Air. I did finally make it to the grocery store alone. Whee!!


Gretch ---- keep tweeting your blog updates As you've been doing. Also think about beefing up your Twitter profile to get more followers. We need to think of some good keywords for you.

I still think you're one of the four sexiest women I know.



I think you did exceptionally well with this post -- I enjoyed reading it immensely except for learning about Jude's sickness. And I'm relieved that we missed the cub scout shindig.

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