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LOVE the princess thing. Of course, I'd never look that good in it but still loved it.

unmitigated me

Z-J's dress is amazing, I agree it would look great on you, but I really think red is a better color for you. And HBC was so amazing in The King's Speech, I am ready to have a child with her. And Colin Firth...and Geoffrey Rush...and everyone else in that film. Except Guy Pearce who played a spoiled brat. Thank God he abdicated.


I don't watch awards shows, and am apparently missing out.

Scarlett Johansson's hair looked better than Annette Benings. And there was a time I'd have said nasty things about Jane Fonda and her plastic surgery, but it's amazing how tempting the entire idea becomes when you're staring 50 in the face.


Catherine Zeta-Jones can do no wrong, I think. Neither can Helena Bonham-Carter. In totally different ways, of course.

Clearly it's the name. I must get myself a double-barrelled name!


I like how HBC is wearing two diff color shoes. Only she could get away with that!


Tooo fnny! Love your take on the awards. I only watched because my neighbor was there (her hubs was in Social Network). I did my own little fashion review yesterday and prtty much agree with you.

Happy Tuesday!

Sarah at themommylogues

I was so excited to watch! I love me some Ricky Gervais! The first few jokes I was on board. After a while, I couldn't even laugh. Just ouch. There's funny-laugh-at-yourselves and then there's just cruel. The term "bully" came to mind. So bummed.

I was not a fan of the 80s, shoulder pad type gowns. While Eva is kind of popping right out, DANG, I would have been all about that dress if I were her. Stunning. Tilda - WHOA. Scary. I heart Annette Benning. Even with nutty hair. And Warren Beatty makes for a mighty glamorous accessory. I mean, she could have worn a paper bag, but show up with him and you still look fantastic.


I didn't watch the awards, but had fun looking at the best and worst dressed yesterday. I love looking at fancy dresses--I have so little reason to wear anything like that here.

lisa @boondockramblings

I suppose Gervais crossed the line, but I suppose celebrities should learn, for once in their lives, that the world does not revolve around them. The common people? Absolutely loved that Gervais wasn't afraid to rip those people and show them they are not on some pedestal where no one is allowed to slam them or touch them.

To me, they were a bunch of cry babies...with exception to Downey Jr. who has been trying very hard and shouldn't have been ripped for his past issues. That was a fail, but as for some of the other jokes...like questioning why The Tourist was even up... very funny.


OMG I LOVED this post! I agreed on everything...Ricky Gervais I love to bits but I think he went too far the other night.

Happy Random Tuesday!!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Yes, Ricky went too far. It made me sad. I thought Tom Hanks's response was quite classy, considering.

So, here's my thought on it: Do you think maybe he WANTED to not be asked back? I know next to nothing about contracts and deals in this arena, but do you think it's possible NBC held him to something he didn't want to do in regards to this hosting gig, so he set out to eff it up? Like you said, I usually love his irreverent humor, but he crossed the line to mean.

I think I'm repeating what someone else said, but WHAT is with all the shoulder pads on the red carpet?? Blergh.

lisa @boondockramblings

OK, I just heard more of Ricky's comments. I take back what I said..he was mean. *sigh*. I should have listened to more of what he said...that was mean.

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