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Michele Renee

That auto correct thing is hilarious!!!!!
And I love webcams. My Hubs once took the boys to the FL Keys and he called from a restaurant pier and as I sat at work I watched them. Then the next day they called as they were about to start a tour at Hemingway's House and they found the camera in a courtyard and I watched them. This is how a non-Iphone family rolls.
Sometimes I watch the webcam that faces the Santa Monica pier entrance over Ocean Ave.
You and Ellen D. and a snake in a tent--oh my!

unmitigated me

I wasn't in Dallas for ten minutes when I picked up the accent! Accents migrate to me. No idea why, but I'm really good at them. I coached the two actresses that played brits in the stage version of The Odd Couple that Jim was in (as Oscar Madison).


When my sister lived in NY she would call me when she was in Times Square so I could pull up the cam and she'd wave. It was pretty awesome.


Nick likes checking out the web cam at Old Faithful in Yellowstone. It can be pretty cool to see in the winter.


I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, http://toesthattwinkle.blogspot.com/ I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!


I have one accent - Texas twang. I can't even speak in a British accent in my head.

Beloved works in his sleep. He's had entire conversations with clients - and it's every bit as boring then, too. He has also banned me from doing *any* laundry because a couple of weeks ago I accidentally dried a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt I can only remember seeing him wear maybe twice. All of a sudden it is his FAVORITE (and expensive?) shirt and I completely ruined it and can never touch the washing machine again. Works for me.

And thank you - the "I can't stop douching" made me laugh (quite hard) and I needed that.

Lynn @ Curly Girl's Music World

So glad you found the Auto Correct site. Nothing is better for a quick laugh. Love the Earthcam sight, too. I miss New York, but not in winter! Better to view from a distance this time of year.

The Bug

I dreamed about blogging last month - I was facing down a huge bear who apparently decided I wasn't worth messing with - & as soon as he turned to go I whipped out my camera so I could get a picture for my Project 365 on my blog.

I don't exactly pick up my dreams exactly where they left off, but I do sometimes fall back into them.

You are exactly right about the hangers. Dr. M & I share laundry duties & after 20 years I have worn him down to MY way of doing things :)

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Okay, here goes:

a. We are absolutely in love with Downton Abbey. Now that we have to wait for season 2, I'm going to stave off some of the withdrawal by ordering Bleak House from Netflix. I. Need. British. Period. Drama! (And, can you believe I've never seen Gosford Park or Upstairs, Downstairs?? Quel tragique!)

b. I have, on occasion, picked up dreams where they left off after waking up, checking the clock, and going back to sleep. Bruises manifesting, though? Not unless he's hitting himself...

c. Damn You Auto Correct always leaves me in stitches. Jason came home one evening to find me laughing hysterically, tears running down my face. It's like AFV or Wipeout for people who like word humor better than physical.

d. Good Lord, woman, the clothing should face LEFT. It has to face right in my current weird closet, if I want to see the fronts of the garments, and it drives me batty.


Jimmy isn't crazy. It sounds like he's a lucid dreamer. The Buddhist Tibetans are particularly good at it --

Just Call Me Yankee

I haven't ever pulled up the Times Square cam, but do occasionally pull up traffic cams to see the traffic on different roads. Does that count? Happy RTT.

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