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The whole armpit fart thing cracked me up - but I knew Jimmy would be able to do it. Beloved can fart with his *hands*. I must be a "guy" thing.

As for the bourbon, you'd just tell folks you're getting a head start on your holiday fruitcake baking - it IS better if it ages, after all.


When I lived in LA (eighty million years ago) I stood in the checkout line at the drug store behind Jack Lemon. He was buying a case of rubbing alcohol. It was a little awkward with my friend pointing out who he was. Poor guy, he was looking all sheepish. I just smiled at him and asked to be invited to his party.

Michele Renee

Wild--I am another Michele with an L who lived in L.A. a million years ago too.
My mom dated Adam West a couple times in 1967.
The muffin top lady's muffin top looks better than mine.....
I'll be singing it all day now.
Those fart noises are pretty hysterical I have to admit.

Sprite's Keeper

That second photo had me giggling. In the middle of my drink. Not cool.


Gotta love the grocery store stock up and save suggestions. Ours offers a pretty good discount for buying six bottles of wine at a time. I can almost see that but, well, can't bring myself to do it.


I've never seen that parody before but OMG hilarious!

Mama Badger

"I take my top off and I look like my mom..." Hysterical.

PB can't wait to teach the boys the wonders of armpit farts. Sigh.

Why do you need to tell anyone anything about your alcohol? Just smile nicely. Let them wonder.


Now I know where to go to stock up on my booze!


Those pics are pretty funny!
You HAVE to take advantage of a good sale!

Happy Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass

The armpit fart is a sacred art handed down from man to male child from time immemorial. And 2 litres of bourbon? The hell? Why would you even need one? Muffin Top is fantastic, I'm emailing this to my wife right now.

Not that... ah, just cause it's funny. Um... where's the delete key?

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