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Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

You had my fealty at item #1.

Sarah at themommylogues

You will have some competition. My husband's catch phrase is "When I'm the benevolent dictator of the world..."

But good luck, because I think I'd be ok living under your reign as well.


Well, damn. Now I don't know whether to take over the world myself or join your fifedom.




Michele Renee


Oh, have you seen the lady who does the Muffin Top song (a Lady Gaga parody of Poker Face on You Tube).



I've often said my preferred title would be Undisputed Ruler of the Universe, but you can have the job on the merit of #2 alone. Please, by all means - CURE MENOPAUSE. I'm begging you...


Can I be a lady-in-waiting?

Aimee @ In THIS Life

As Empress Mommy, Queen of Everything, I approve of your plans. I am, after all, Queen of EVERYTHING, so I can allow you the tiny little space known as "the world." Of course, those dictates of yours I choose to ignore shall be...ignored.

So far, so good, though! I can even obey the pedicure/sandal law, since you have the masseurs et al on call.

Life with Kaishon

Oh my gosh Gretchen. I LOVE your world. The massages covered by health insurance pulled me right in. I like the idea of throwing outdated cell phones at that lady too. Very nice.

Captain Dumbass

I'm going to show this one to my wife... or wait, no I'm not.

PS. Los Angeles is fine.


I will vote for your Majesty early and often!

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