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OR....you could just chalk all of it up (and that means Wendy's child, too) to a rite of passage.


I cleaned my mouth up by 90% when my daughter was born. Now that she's 11 and knows everything *snorts*, I am more relaxed. I try very hard NOT to use the f-bomb , but it does land sometimes. Her favorite is when I start hollering "dickwad" at stupid drivers. Gets her giggling. Sadly it encourages me. She knows not to use the language but laughs like a loon when we do. Go figure.


My husband's favorite non-cuss word...Mother Father! Makes me giggle every time!

Sprite's Keeper

I thought cursing was as common as paying taxes in L.A.
Oh, wait...


Poop flys lots at our house, but sadly the f-bomb does make it's crashing appearance sometimes. I try to apologize when it pops out. I'm really more of a da---mn and sh-- kind of person, myself.
Did you see the Mythbusters where they tested whether pretend cursing or real cursing makes pain easier to bear. Hint: real cursing won.


These days I mostly say "Eff!" instead of the actual F-word and that was all good until Oscar started saying, "They eff-ing rocks are tripping me!" or "Eff this toy, it's broken!" yeah, not so cute

Mama Badger

Ugh. I'm with you. I can manage to keep it in check most of the time, but when you stub your toe, or get food thrown at you while you still have your work clothes on? Yeah, it's hard to keep it in. My Mom used to excuse herself to go curse in the bathroom. We all heard it, but we knew that it was not for us to repeat. I always liked the idea of "earmuffs", but haven't gotten it to work yet.


I've just accepted that my kid is going to learn those and the best I can do is teach him when & where it's appropriate. Also, how to use it in a sentence.

Aimee @ In THIS Life


I try, and I think I do a pretty good job, considering how easily the words all flew before I had Nicolas. Still...I can't blame their dad if they come out with a word I'd rather not hear them say. It would be mostly me.

I'm with you on the 'c' word. Yuck.


I have some amusing stories about cursing - maybe I'll blog them, if you don't mind (you're just so goshdarn inspiring LOL). But what's funny is that my sons, who you'd think would cuss up a blue streak, are oddly prim about it, at least around me. They'll apologize if they say something blue in my presence. But Darling Daughter and Jolly? SHEEEEEEEESH. To quote Samuel L. Jackson, "...you go into a bar, ten minutes later, sailors come runnin' out." The potty mouths on those girls, I swear...

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