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Amy in Australia

Gretchen--this is epic! What a story, seriously. I was thinking like you...that these guys maybe really did save her and then got a little opportunistic. But now, I dunno. Cause you have a point...is someone who is kind enough to run into traffic to save a dog also the kind of person to basically hold your dog for ransom? Weird!

I love the way you tell a story and this was no exception.

Michele Renee

First off, you need to buy a screen door (just borrow the tools if needed from your neighbor) and then Jimmy can open the door and get air but have a locked screen door in place.
Second...what complete assholes. I would find some whackadoodle gangster type to mess them up. Seriously. Two can play that game.

unmitigated me

You didn't offer "assholes" as one of the options.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

OMGosh! What a story! I think they were extortionists. Really, why would they hold onto someone else's dog all day when they could have easily returned her? Well, Fancy really is preciouse looking.


I'm with unmitigated - assholes. And assholes who took a dog that WAS not in the middle of traffic. Because, no, I don't believe someone who would run into traffic to rescue a little dog, then *demand* money. Sounds like a scam to me.


Scammers, opportunistic losers, take your pick--but at least you got Fancy back.


Wow! I had to shush my kids twice so I could finish reading this great story. I don't know how you kept it together, I would of lost it. So happy Fancy is back home. I think they found Fancy but I don't think they were kind-hearted at all. When I find a dog I return it ASAP. I think they were dog knapping extorsionist rookies.


Oh my gosh. That is crazy. I'm glad I live in small town Kansas and my neighbors have returned our dog to us. And us them! Glad you got your dog back!

Sarah at themommylogues

Probably not dognappers, but definitely scammers. How handy that you had all those people with inside info. I would have freaked.

Captain Dumbass

I'm with Unmitigated, and Jimmy should have went all Goodfellas on them. And then come home and promised never to leave the door open again.


1. assholes
2. buy the screen door asap. (I'm with Jimmy I like to air out the house but never seem to get to because of the escape artists that live with us.)
3. this was a $100 and day of worry learning moment.

Ginny Marie

They were totally extortionists! If they were nice people (like me) and saw a dog wandering in the street (like I saw) they would have totally brought the dog over to your house right away! (like I did) (Yes, I did rescue a dog once, in the snow, when her owner fell asleep after letting her out. It's one of my favorite good deeds stories!) Thank goodness you got Fancy back!

The Red C

If it was me, I might stop by that little weed dispensary to "thank" the manager for the EXTREMELY KIND return of little Fancy and casually remark about how busy the store must've been as "Tony" kept hanging up on you and you guess customers kept coming in and keeping him busy. If they see you on THEIR turf, they're less likely to come nosing around your house again. I would also let the cops know (your SLO in particular) that you suspect the dispensary guys hustled you... just in case anyone's else's little dog runs out into traffic. Assholes. Tell Jimmy to keep an eye for their car - maybe he can lurk around and wait to be a Good Samaritan and help them change their slashed tire?? ;)

Sprite's Keeper

Totally extortionists.
That happened to a friend of mine about two years ago. It went on for weeks until the cops finally moved in to help since the "rescuers" kept upping the ante and telling her how they would just send her the collar.
Unfortunately, if that were to happen to Blue, John would just laugh at the demand and tell the scam artists to have fun with her since her problems and age don't make her a fun hostage.



Lisa from Arizona that has a dumb blog about packing lunch and hates her job but loves cotton candy.

Opportunistic assholes. That's my take anyway.

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