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I'm sorry you have a cold and hope it's better soon! And I want to meet Becky! Is that weird? I'm around on Saturday night -- does that sound pathetic?


Get well soon; you have to meet Becky. Pie charts are a beautiful thing.


Pie charts make it all seem so much more industrious, don't they? Hope you are feeling better soon.


You have my utmost sympathy, since I'm recovering from a cold myself. A bit of advice - take large doses of vitamins D (5,000 to 8,000 IUs) and C (1,000 mg) a day. It really and truly will help you recover much more quickly.


hanging with Becky will be instant healing.

XO to you both and have fun! I sincerely hope some Pat Benatar will be involved with your evening.


I'd feel sorry for you, but you get to hang with Becky, so I have little sympathy.

Okay, that's a lie. I hope you feel better soon. Still jealous though.

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