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I was up all night for Diana's wedding adn Fergies too and don't even get me started for Diana's funeral. I will be awake all night for Wills' wedding too. How can I not?

Have a great day!
Another 5'10" big footed chick from Canada eh?


I probably won't be up all night but I will watch the highlights and I'll come here for the REAL highlights.


You are not the only Anglophile, I was up at 5 a.m. (I was still in Dallas then) to watch Diana and Asshole's wedding. I'm sorry - the way he treated her during their marriage was simply awful; I can't stand him and you don't EVEN want to know what I think of Trigger, er, Camilla. I was watching television the night she died, and just sat in the living room and cried and cried.

I won't be up all night for William's wedding (unless, of course, insomnia decides to strike), I will record the nuptials. I hope Kate's dress is a suitably wrinkle resistant.

Michele Renee

I can relate! I watched the Diana wedding way back then. My mom bought me their commemorative plates and mug. I remembered exactly where I was when Hubs brought in the paper with the headlines that she died. Last May there was an exhibit in town (sponsored by her brother) that displayed her wedding gown and shoes and tons of her childhood memorabilia and her dresses. I was fascinated by her flat shoes that she wore.
And I love those two boys of hers. I remember once how she slyly stated that Wills got his height from her. I got all choked when Harry recently expressed his happiness at their engagement as how he always wanted a sister…and how the bros agreed to use their mom’s ring for whichever of them got engaged first. I think it is sweet, and certainly not the last piece of jewelry he will ever give her.
I love how their pairing seems so much better than past Royals….she is educated, they have had years past college to live their lives, she is older than he is by 5 months (she just turned 29), they picked each other on their own, he adores her family, etc. Diana raised them to be normal—she would be so proud!

Sarah at themommylogues

My sister was a huge Diana fan. I will probably Tivo the Big Wedding.

Holy cats - what an ugly coin!

Ginny Marie

My cousin was SO upset that we were on a family vacation when Diana and Charles were married, and we didn't have access to a TV! I have a photo book of the royal couple's trip to Australia soon after they were married...I looked at it all the time. And of course I watched Diana's funeral...so sad. When you get that tea towel, you will have to share a picture of it with the rest of us!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

I am an Anglophile, totally, but not so much a Royal watcher. (The Anglophile bit comes from my two years living there as a teen. Sniff. I miss London.)

However. I AM SO excited!! I wish we had Tivo...that's a school day. Grr...


Uh -- I'm not sure, now.

In all seriousness, I'll probably tape it and catch a bit.

I love your posts.


I love it when you let your freak flag fly. And it was flying high when you said you stayed up all night playing D&D and then watched the royal wedding.

Come here let me hug you.

And can I place an order with your friend for a tea towel??? You know how I feel about tea towels.

only a movie

That summer was also my D&D summer...
Also a big royal fan. Got to see Diana (from afar) when I lived in Oxford in early 90s. Definitely watching the wedding.


You're definitely not alone. There are lots of us "Royal Fan(atic)s" out here. I got up and watched Diana's wedding, and at the time I lived in Alaska, so it was super early in the a.m.

I got up (in Oregon by then) to watch her funeral, too. I remember saying The Lord's Prayer along with the service, and thinking how people all over the world were watching and praying the same prayer at the same time.

Forget DVR; I'll be up to watch the wedding, and pre-wedding festivities on TV. Might have to take the day off work! -- Meg

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