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My first thought was: Bread Pudding!
I'm going to copy this down to take to a friend's for New Years Eve. It just seems like the right time and venue.

Michele Renee

I can't believe you bought it all again and started over! The recipe looks great. I love poppy seeds.
In our elem school it is customary to send in $$ to the room mom who will get a gift card for the teacher. Then I do a craft at the party (and spend a buttload of $$ on that). Kid's party is today and I have just gotten back from driving 800 miles all over another state for work so no extra goody from me/my child...and now I just realized that he has another teacher whom I completely forgot.....what can I make in 2 hours??!!!!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Bread pudding with the flat cakes does sound really good! Once my husband attempted to make pancakes from scratch and thought the powdered sugar was baking powder (I put all the sugar and flour in tupperware containters). They came out more like crepes. After that I bought a label maker. :)

I can't get over that you made orange marmalade! Amazing!

unmitigated me

Stubborn much? Bread pudding sounds just right, though. Or a parfait. Cut them into tiny squares and layer with whipped cream and strawberries.


I vote bread pudding too! I just found something cute (and easy to make) at the Fly Through our Window blog -- honey cinnamon butter. I am a terrible baker so I think I can handle literally "whipping" up a little butter and putting it it cute mason jars!


Have you seen the cover of Saveur this month? Make a trifle, it's already got rum in it.

Sprite's Keeper

The friend in me wants to hug you and take one of those tasty wrecks off your hands. The baker in me wants to slap you a little. Luckily, the baker in me is just as inexperienced and had to go through 4 hellish hours of royal icing torture to prove she hated it..

Sarah at themommylogues

Oh, I love the bread pudding idea. How fantastic would that be?


I've never seen a cake so flat! I'm actually making homemade mini-strawberry pound cakes right now to be a train for Miles' birthday party tomorrow. No flats though :)


Ah, so this is what you decided to do! I likey! If Beloved and I were still eating stuff like that, I'd make this for him; he loves lemon poppy seed pound cake (and anything containing rum).

I am baking today - mostly for the kids. Sugar cookies, blondies, peanut butter fudge and whatever else I can come up with.

The bread pudding idea? Inspired.

Amy in Australia

This is so something that would happen to me. And I love how you start out by saying that teacher gifts are low key, then proceed to describe your baking adventure! Like, "what could possibly go wrong?" :)

That recipe sounds amazing!

Ginny Marie

Yum, I already love lemon poppy seed bread! Rum can only make it better!


I'm mentally preparing myself to make Rum Balls tomorrow. There's no baking involved. But still, the margin for error is great. Especially if I'm taste testing too many ingredients...

But you know me, I hold my liquor really really well...

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