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That video was pretty awesome!
I get random eye twitches, they always go away, eventually.
Don't feel alone, I have no idea who Ryan Reynolds is either.

Michele Renee

Loved your post! Ryan Reynolds doesn't do a whole lot for me--he was the guy in The Proposal with Sandra Bulloch. I like guys with more lines on their face or at least their forehead by his age of 34. He is filming The Green Lantern. Was engaged to fellow Canadian Alanis Morisstete for years but then married Scarlett Johansson.
I cannot believe those undies traveled on the plane all the way back to you. you'd better wear them on Thanksgiving.

Nicole (Ninja Mom)

Excellent! I'm either in mid hormone swing or that was one of the coolest and most moving acts of bursting into song I've ever seen. Thanks for posting that! And happy RTT.


So nice of her to bring them back to you. At least she didn't hand them back to you over the table at Thanksgiving.

I have a vague idea who Ryan Reynolds is, but he does nothing for me..at all.

Happy RTT!


My dad is a mad coupon clipper and when they come to visit, they give me a big stack. I feel bad when I don't use them but I also feel like I'm holding up the line when I do. It's a strange dichotomy.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I'm curious, did Aunt Grace launder your thong?

I've no clue who Ryan Reynolds is either.

Christina @RantRaveRoll

I wish I could do the whole cut your grocery bill in half with coupons magic trick, but I never stick to it long enough. I don't seem to have the time either.


I couldn't even get past the thong. So funny! You poor thing.

Aimee @ In THIS Life

I haven't seen him in much, but I like Ryan Reynolds. He's a cutie.


I bet she washed the before bringing them with her. Too funny.

I feel so lumpy. I don't know who Ryan Reynolds is either. Not that he isn't a lovely piece of eye candy.


I love Ryan Reynolds! He is in good movies and he is super hot! You should see the newest X-Men he's in it!

Captain Dumbass

That video was great. I had the eye twitches when I finished training for my new job. Eye strain, stress, over tired. It went away eventually.


I don't know who Reynolds is either. Maybe they just made him up since so many of us obviously super smart folks don't know him.
I also get random eye twitches. They usually go away. Usually. Just don't mind my twitches right now.... And I love the word lumpy. I am so going to start using it too. I also have a love/hate relationship with coupons. I so didn't know they had alcohol ones now. Guess it's time to start clipping again. Happy RTT>

only a movie

Never saw that guy before either. More evidence of my middle age. Ack.

Just today I watched a different mob Hallelujah chorus filmed at another mall setting. And I wished I were there... Still know my part, 30 years later...

Have a lovely holiday.

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