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I love it. I've been doing my own version this month -- blogging something for which I'm thankful each day of November. Sometimes, it takes a literal wracking of my brains, but it helps. It really helps --


What a great idea. Your friend is very clever. I think I'll start right here in my home.

Sarah at themommylogues

I LOVE IT! And I love the idea of doing it at home with the family. Anything to focus us on being thankful for all we have and not on all the "wants" of Christmas.


Oh - I want to do that.

Lawyer Mom

Hmm. Just when I was going to start a Baditude club.

Seriously, gratitude is the best antidote for just about anything.

only a movie

Fabulous idea.

I make it my mission to find something to be grateful for constantly - but especially when I find myself in a crappy situation. Works like a charm, every time.

Great post.

Sprite's Keeper

Ack! I'm so sorry I missed this! I actually like the idea of being thankful for five things, even if you have to think hard for them sometimes. :-)
You're linked and thanks for Spinning!
(Not quite deserting, just happy to join the crowd for a while.)


Wow, this is a great post! I love that you are honest about some days not being in the mood to deal with the gratitude club--makes me feel less guilty that sometimes I don't WANT to have a good attitude. But you're right: those are probably the days when I need it most.

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