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Captain Dumbass

Yikes. And what a super mom. I would have called off the whole weekend just throwing up once.


If I knew that someone was showing up on a specific day I would have scheduled a cleaning crew to come in the day before. Then JR would have said,"why are you spending money on something we could do ourselves". Then I say,"If we could do it ourselves then why don't we?" Shuts him up every time.


clean is overrated when you have other things like boat building, playing Candyland and other fun. ;)


I always intend to clean more, then life happens. I'm good with getting the vacuuming done and keeping the dirty dishes from taking over the kitchen. And the bathrooms--well I clean when they need it, unfortunately with guys they need it often, but Nick helps there.
Clean is nice, but we have to live in our home, so clean doesn't last very long.


YOU are a rock star. And it's funny, but we have quite a few Italiano relatives who've got the obsessive-compulsive clean gene. It's pretty scary, actually. I don't.


"Cleaning lady" MUST be a complete, er, Texanism, because I do believe I'm the only other person I've heard use that phrase, as I wistfully - and hopelessly - wished for one.

"Yodeling groceries" made me literally LOL. I'm so stealing that one.

Mama Badger

What do people call it if not "a cleaning lady"? I'm from NY, and that's all I've ever heard them called. "A maid?" I guess I've heard that, too, but only from the incredibly wealthy.

I want to be Michelle. But, unfortunately, I'm more like you. Sorry you had to drop the munchies off for the pool party, though.

only a movie

Hoping everyone is staying healthy for the rest of the week.

I went to a grad school seminar for all of Saturday and other half decided to clean my house while I was gone. This is nice, except that I had already cleaned it on Friday. He must be related to Grace...


Yeah, but if your house looked all fancy all the time, it might not get so much work. You don't want to stunt it's career. Your house has dreams, you know. Dreams of making it big. Dreams of being the next Father of the Bride house. Don't crush those dreams.

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