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unmitigated me

Just saw the Social Network last night. Awesome film, and I recognize those steps! Were there pictures of Little Lebowski Achievers in there anywhere? Although DDL was very good in it, I did NOT like There Will Be Blood. Ick.


What an awesome house. It's history is fascinating. It would be fun to tour it. The other house I'd love to tour is the one Sarah Winchester built--with all the false doors, stairs to nowhere, etc. Looks like you had fun.

Julie at Modern Day Middle Age

Crazy cool! I live here and I've never heard of it ... wow! Awesome pictures ... it lends itself to the Hipstamatic perfectly.

Hey, did you go to Cub Scout camping this past weekend? I told my husband to look for you but since there were 650 cub scouts there, he failed to find you ... :=)

Ginny Marie

I just love those specialized sinks! I, too, will someday have a special flower arranging sink.

Am I wrong, or does the body in the freezer have two right feet?


Do you remember traipsing through the Hollywood Cemetery with me a hundred years ago??? I don't think I have any friends who will traipse through a cemetery with me anymore. Sigh. Reason #231 why I miss you.

I would totally have enjoyed this tour. I want to live there. :)

lisa @boondockramblings

That is so cool! I love stuff like this. So fascinating! I'm gathering no one lives there anymore?:-)


I love old places like that. Surprised? Our favorite place on the east coast is Biltmore House. If you are ever in Ashville, NC you must go. I don't think anyone died there though.


Very cool, I just hope none of those ghosts followed you home :0


Best birthday ever. I'm super jealous.

I'm NEVER going to see a ghost. Sigh.


What a fantastic idea for a birthday party -- it sounds like so much fun. I'm dying to do a tour -- might steal the idea, but your post is a wonderful substitute.


OMG I love these pictures. I am like your friend and I love this house. I went to one of the concerts just to go inside. We did not get to see half the stuff you did. I will be checking to take a tour again.

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