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Sprite's Keeper

You always catch me after I've just done it. Okay, I'll do it again. For you and Becky and the boob pillow.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Thank you for the reminder! There's no such thing as too many reminders. Love the pillow.


I tend to do this in the shower--I know not as effective, but it is private--if Nick walked in on me feeling up my boobs--well let's just say the boob checking would be forgotten very quickly due to other activities.
Thanks for the reminder.


I'm good at doing my monthly exam, but I need to go to the lady doc again. Boo to that.


Yay for this post! I cannot second it enough. Ginny Marie had a great post about self exams too.

Thank you so much for the shout out and all the support. I will be your Becky. And I'm so glad to see that boob pillow again! It's been a while, too long.


I was in the habit but I got all thrown out of whack when my monthly "reminder" up & left town. I'll set an alarm or something.

I like your boob pillow.


I do this every month and did the mammogram thing last spring, so I'm good but thanks for the reminder. It's always welcome. I wish I had perfect breasts for mammograms but little saggy breasts don't like to be flattened.

lisa @boondockramblings

Hubby wants to do the exam for me....


Mammograms don't bother me either. Unlike you, no one has ever complimented my girls. I'm a little upset about that.

Ginny Marie

I saw my oncologist today, and he said everything looks good! WOOT! And now I've got that pesky doctor's order that I need to have my mammogram...

And Gretchen? I'm always happy to set you straight...I've been cancer free for 14 years! YAY! (Thanks for the shout out!)

Sandy- Ultrasound Tech

Ultrasounds are great for finding invasive cancers before they spread to the lymph nodes. You have a better chance of early detection by having both a mammogram and ultrasound done.

Katelyn Betterton

Self-breast examination is as important as getting a mammogram for ladies. Self-breast examination is a health practice that should not be taken for granted because it can save your life and helps prevent breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 230,000 women are diagnosed to have breast cancer and 39,000 are likely to die from the said disease. It is best to check for symptoms early on so preventive measures can be availed of immediately at the first sign of the disease.

Geoffrey Lelia

LOL at Step Eight! True, a regular self breast exam goes a long way. The boob pillow is a great tip. Women should always be reminded to pay special attention to their twins at least once a month. This way, any symptoms of breast cancer or other related diseases can be detected and treated as early as possible.

Geoffrey Lelia

Ladies should make it a habit to conduct a self-breast examination to detect if there are lumps or any other changes on their breasts. Being aware of the shape, feel, and appearance of your breasts from time to time will help you notice a potential disease at an early stage. You can check if is there is a discomfort or pain in one breast, particularly if it’s a new pain that doesn’t go away. If you are not confident enough with your observation, you can consult your doctor and ask her to give you a proper breast check.

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