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Will G and D adopt me? I love Palm Springs and family get togethers and reading.

Is it just me but does "G and D" sound like some sort of surgical procedure?


"I love you." "You're stepping on my foot again."

"I actually just sat their in the sun next to the pool and read a book." You have NO idea how jealous that statement made me.

Mama Badger

What cries out for the Hipstamatic is all the amazingly beautiful people you hang out with. Jimmy in that hat. And his cousin's child with that wonderful hair-do! California with all its beautiful people. Sigh.

Christina @RantRaveRoll

Ooo... Nothing. Sometime the best thing in the world is nothing.


Great photos, looks like you guys had a great time. "Girl cousins," I love that.

Julie at Modern Day Middle Age

I wonder how many hipstamatics you just sold?

What awesome fun this looks like ... and I totally get the joy the only child gets out of being with loads of attentive, older, related human beings. Liam goes nuts, too... So glad you got the respite and got to *gasp* read a book! Luxury weekend indeed!

Lisa @ boondock ramblings

Love the photos and it sounds like you really had a blast!


Palm Springs DOES cry out for the Hipstamatic! Good call.

That looks like so much fun. Especially the "doing nothing" part.

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