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Ok, wow. Knew the avocado one and the meat searing one (just showing off here), and the mushroom one? Thank goodness, because eeewww at not washing mushrooms. The alcohol thing? Had no idea. huh. And I'll be going to get my coffee out of the fridge as soon as I hit post. I feel much smarter now :)

Oh, and butter? Growing up the butter was always just left out on the counter. Had no idea that was weird....

Samantha @ Mama Notes

This is very interesting, thanks for sharing!


Flip that mushroom brush over, draw on a face and glue a couple of legs on it. Adorable!

Robin Payton

I'm not sure about the pepper seeds but am willing to concede the point since you've done your research. Knew the others, but I'm about to quibble over a minor point. We buy our coffee beans in bulk and, you're right, it doesn't stay fresh long enough. So, to keep it fresh, I do freeze the extra, but in double freezer bags to keep out moisture. It's not perfect, but it works. So, there are times when freezing is the better of two options.

About the brush, does your husband shave? ;)

Sarah at themommylogues

Fascinating. My mom always has some butter on the counter. Easier to spread on the toast.

Ok, I'm incredibly sleep deprived thanks to the 2 week old baby, so the idea of the baking soda high fiving other alkaline smells sent me into a fit of giggles. I'm not sure if it was the high five, or the "Hey, Friend." Probably the combination.

I think I'm going back to bed now.


Wow, the things you learn!
I did see an experiment once about mushrooms. They weighed them before and after washing and the difference in weight was almost unmeasurable--meaning they didn't absorb so much water after all. I always rinse mine and just brush off any obvious dirt.
I always leave out a stick of butter, except when it's extremely hot out. We use enough of it that it wouldn't have time to spoil.
I never knew that about coffee and will reconsider keeping it in the freezer.
"Debunk" and "buttload" sound like mean tricks kids play on each other at camp. A buttload of what...I don't want to know.


I cook a lot, so I've discovered most of the myths by trial and error. I'd never heard the one about mushrooms, and it's a good thing. Do you know what they grow cultivated mushrooms in? Yeah, I wash the little buggers. WELL.

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time

These are fantastic! The butter one will rock my world. :) And I'll try it with the roast, too, b/c we're tired of dry, overdone roasts. :)


OH - we buy unsalted butter in 2-pound rolls, either from the Amish or the small dairy where we get our milk. We cut off a large piece of it and put it on a saucer which sits on top of our microwave; the rest goes in the fridge until we're ready to cut another large piece.

The butter that sits on the saucer is never refrigerated, and I have yet to have it go bad. Of course, it rarely sits there for an entire week, either...we eat a LOT of butter.


I love these - What about syrup though? And popcorn! These are endless debates at our house.

I must google. ;)

Mama Badger

Have you been watching Alton Brown? I think he's done a show on almost every one of these. I still do the Arm and Hammer thing, though. It's a hard habit to shake.


Hadn't actually heard of half of those! I leave my butter out all the time (it's too damn hard otherwise).

Also, we used to use coffee grounds to mop up puke at the nightclub - both the moisture AND the smell. So I guess I knew that one.

Amy in Australia

Oh man, I always salt the water! How funny--the things we do just cause we're told to! Jason and I debate the meat searing thing sometimes, he insists it "seals" the juices and I'd read that it didn't. This was very informative!

I'd never read that about guacamole before, but I did make some recently with a Shepherds avocado and it didn't turn brown! Go figure.


Whoa, the baking soda thing totally shatters my cognitive framework. I believed in that one, dang.

That is good news about the butter, because prefer it all mushy. And somebody in my house seems to prefer it with a lot of crumbs on it.

Lawyer Mom

We have the same butter feud going on over here.

But the searing myth? Really? I thought I was such a master of the BBQ.

Okay, so settle one more for me, por favor. I say potatoes should NOT be refrigerated. Husband says otherwise. What say you?


Great article--informative and humorous!

We keep some butter at room temperature, too. I love being able to spread it without tearing holes in the bread!

Joy Sullivan

I have tried something better than baking soda. It will last 6-8 months in your refrigerator. It has eliminated all the odors in my refrigerator. The product is called Ultra Pure and you can get this product at fdauthority.com. It has really worked for me.

Esther Campbell

The pictures just made me feel hungry and wanting more for the dinner. I am just hoping I can cook like this on my own. One of my regrets now that I am married is not learning to cook.

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