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Very very pretty.

Niki; you are an inspiration.


Niki - amazing photos. Truly.
What a fun post to read. I love when life helps you find your People like this. :-)


Those pictures are awesome! What an eye for the moment.


Nikki sounds like the kind of woman I'd like to have for a best friend. And her photography is amazing!!


Enjoyed reading about Niki and her accomplishments, and her photos are gorgeous! The "dogs in snow" shots are my favorites. Very eye-catching!

Mama Badger

God might not have given her the easiest life, but he made up for it with talent. What beautiful photos. And that's an adorable little boy she's holding! Congrats on grandma-hood.

The Bug

Beautiful! Each one is a work of art.

But I might have to hate her because she can do this & so much else too. No, don't tell me that I can do the same thing if I work hard enough. I'd rather sit on my behind & be jealous of her :)

Sprite's Keeper

Now that's a mensch!
Gorgeous photos!


Great photos! Niki should start her own blog to show off those pictures.

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

Definitely needs to go pro. Can I just say I couldn't imagine Gretchen managing a Wordless Wednesday, you know, wordlessly.


Niki, those are some remarkable photos. And I'd say that even if your SIL hadn't prompted me.


Gretchen, you left me speechless and that is not easy to do. Thank you so much! And thank your readers for all their wonderful comments. Wow! Yes, we were lucky that our two crazy husbands brought us together from across the country. I couldn't imagine having a better sister-in-law, I only wish you lived closer, that would be good.


WOW. Those are amazing! Gretchen is right, Niki, you have a natural talent. Maybe you should dabble in a workshop or two :)


I dont know niki very well but the first time i met her you just had to love her...beautiful person inside and out..you niki are an inspiration ! Your photos are breathtaking you really should share your talent with all to enjoy!


I know Nik personally. She and I have taken several classes together and I agree with every word you say here. She is one of the nicest, nicest people you will ever meet. But then again, I've always been partial to Brooklynites.... something about them, know what I mean ;)

Gail Zach

I agree Niki is amazing. I have known her since about 1978 and I saw her raising Danny by herself and she is a fantastic mother and I am sure she is a wonderful grandmother (although she looks soo young).

Gail Zach

I think the pictures are great and are at a professional level. I would hope to see her photography published.

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