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I'm simply impressed you have a ball gown. (I really should have one, since I'm shaped like a ball.)

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

I'd love to get the job of "seat filler" making my way all around the auditorium as bladders fill!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Darn you, Darren! You have left Gretchen out, but more importantly, her readers! Aaargh!

Oh well. Glad Darren could go somewhere with his wife and get such amazing photographs (*snort*)

Mama Badger

Ah, to be the second string date. At least you get to go sometimes, right? You'll just have to get a fabulous role soon so that you can go to the Emmy's and snub him as your backup date.


For the record, Darren didn't eat his asparagus salad — he's not a fan. I scarfed that puppy down after my own. It was yummy!


Wow, Gretchen, such a build-up and then you didn't even go?? I feel like I missed it too! Keeping my fingers crossed for a most excellent Primetime Emmy blog from you.


Wendy and Lisa are *wink, wink*? REALLY? Shut the front door.


You actually own a ball gown? The closest I come is a gypsy skirt. I'm not sure they are equivalent.


You have a ball gown? Can you post photos?
Good luck for Darren having to bow out at the last minute...


Personally, I think Darren owes you for putting your life on hold to be his back up and for the times you actually had to take his place! Right?

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