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Michele Renee

Oh my gosh I am totally laughing over here! Thank god you were there to know about the smoke detecter battery.
Just an FYI, if the car is locked and it has the kind of keys with the automatic unlock, (I know this didn't work for you guys cuz no one at another home had a spare), you just call home and have the person there get the spare key fob and click "unlock" into the phone and then have the other phone right next to the handle of the locked car and it'll unlock it.

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

I was gonna comment, but I'm so flabbergasted by Michele Renee's comment...now I'm gonna have to try it.


Mr. trouble never hangs around,
when he hears this Mighty sound,

Here she comes to save the day!
That means that Mighty Gretchen is on the way!

Now, hand her a scotch.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

I have survived a similar smoke detector battery crisis at my own parent's house. I've got to say, you handled it beautifully.

The Bug

Boy that all just sounds EXHAUSTING. And hilarious. Sounds like you're a cool head amidst the chaos. I would probably go hide in the bathroom.

Sprite's Keeper

I love your family. Seriously.


what a rockin family. You're quite sure, absolutely sure they weren't switched at birth? I need a scotch too. Medicinal, of course.


OMG Gretchen, you crack me up! I want you to visit me. Hope you enjoy this w/e!!

Sarah at themommylogues

Bahahahaha! Cracks me up that the smoke detector battery is higher trauma than the baby in the car. I'm so glad you've gone to visit the in-laws. Made my morning.

7 or 8 more weeks til I can break out some medicinal wine!

Lynn Hornsby

yes, too funny about the smoke detector. I too have come to the aid of the elders, when during the holidays no one could use the toilet because it was "running" and no plumber could be located or if so it would be a charge of almost $200; 20 minutes and three bucks later, without even reading the directions, I replaced the flapper--crisis solved; no medicinal scotch even needed!


Oh, my God. You are just fantastic. These descriptions of your days are like Scotch to ME. I am drunk on their humor and love --

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