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I was a young mother with two kids and I did these very same things with mine for the very same reason - FUN!

There is also look on their little faces that is part joy, part fear, and part discovery that I always fall for.

Mama Badger

Or is it because, at our age, we can't take all the whining and the "I want" for very long? I think younger moms are able to resist their children's demands better.

The Bug

We're having our company picnic at the local amusement park today. I decided that staying at work sounded like a LOT more fun LOL.

Which is sad, because in my younger days I would LOVE to have ridden all the roller coasters.


I'm a young mom and I jst feel like i wasn't able to do all the things I wanted when I was a kid and now I can do them with my kiddo. But you're an awesome mom for doing all that stuff with your kid!


Oh sister - I am there too!


Or is it just that you are an amazing mom who wants to make her kid happy, skin cancer be damned?

You are so awesome.


PS You are never going to die.


PPS You are not old.


Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

And yes. It IS fun. I can't wait for X to get a wee bit older, because he got the "thrillseeker" gene. Won't I look cool trying to out-skateboard him?

At least, until I break a hip.


I have NO idea who wrote this, but you might appreciate it:



LMAO. You tell a funny story. Sounds like the retelling of coming down off a horrid bender. I SOOO identify with Jimmy...
..."He got an odd little smile on his face, and started softly humming "Fly Me To the Moon" to himself."

I whistle "If I only had a Brain" when I work - mostly unconsciencely!

Enjoy them at every stage!


I want you to know that Beloved *bellowed* several times while reading this.

I did too, but I think you have a new fan.


Ha! Of course it's fun, it must be or we wouldn't do this, RIGHT?

I love the pic of you guys at the Empire State Building. I wish I'd gotten up there, wah! Next time.


Wait until he asks you to go sky diving. It's coming ; -)


I agree with you; don't worry about the WHY's so much as that you're loving being with him. He'll remember that.

Lawyer Mom

Sisterhood of the Traveling Moms. Yowza. I am feeling way momma-lame now. Our summer was a pile of quick-sand compared to your adventures.

Glad to hear you swam out of your guilt pond and had some fun, girl!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

I think I have the same thoughts about Jonathan and why I want to take him so many places. I haven't taken him anywhere too exciting yet, but he's 3, so luckily his world is made more exciting by a trip to Chuckee Cheese.

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