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LOVE this post! And I love Mommy! I can still remember watching her do that beauty routine as a little girl. I can't beleive she still does that, absolutely amazing! But it indeed does pay off!
Happy Birthday Mommy!

Michele Renee

I don't even know where to begin I just love all of this. First, Mommy knows you have a blog???? Once the word gets out on this routine it may put La Mer out of business! I inhaled my coffee when you wrote about shopping for her at Forever 21. And loving what you buy here.....I can't even imagine how much she must adore you.
Her skin looks amazing. I have seriously considered how Vaseline may work just as well as all those creams.

Ginny Marie

How encouraging to know that she eats a lot of chocolate! And who needs a cotton ball when plain ol' toilet paper will do?

Mommy does look fantastic!

Mama Badger

Now I know who's keeping the Vaseline people in business. That's some process she has there. And all for less than $10 at the drug store. Amazing.

Happy 81st, Mommy. Your 8th decade is doing well by you, I'd say!


Just to clarify a question from Michele Renee - Mommy knows I have a blog, but she doesnt know what a blog is. Nor has she ever read it. The whole internet world is very mysterious to her.



Happy birthday wishes to Mommy. This birthday girl takes the cake! hopefully it's a chocolate cake.


You can't argue with success! And she does that not once but twice a day? Amazing.

I died at how she wore the little earrings on the bottom of the big earrings.

Happy Birthday to Mommy!


I think the word "fabulous" is appropriate here. Mommy is fabulous, and I thank her for these beauty tips.


Oooooo! good call on ending with the chocolate. I will start slapping my face tonight! :)


Happy Birthday to Mommy! I'll have to pass on the barbell in bed tip to my Mom - as long as she doesn't accidently hit my Dad in the head. ;o) I have such admiration for those who keep exercising as they age. My grandma walked daily, and exercised along with Jack La Lanne on the TV - and she lived to 104!


Well, I've got the chocolate part down.


It's totally working for her. I once roomed with a Korean woman who looked half her age and woke me up every goddamn morning with her "slap slap slap slap"ping on her face. So maybe there's something to it...

I'll just stick with the chocolate though.


Wow. She's just beautiful.
The Forever 21 cracked me right up.

Lawyer Mom

Your last post on mommy I read too quickly, so I was a little confused. Which is why I said you were so lucky. But she's your husband's mom. Aha. Still, you're lucky. She sounds like a dear.

And you'd be luckier still if you could capture that face-slapping on film! What I wouldn't give . . .



Ok I actually tried a variation on this tonight! Thx mommy! I used the vaseline then the white dove (unscented) and then dove again fast... And I didn't have witch hazel so orange flower water on cotton balls and rubbed hard. Wow it definitely took off a later of skin! then the cold water and them vaseline again. I have no ponds I think I might be allergic... But my face feels pretty invigorated!


Still doing that and still liking it! wow! who knew?

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