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Sprite's Keeper

Really want to save money with the Dawn? WHen it gets about 3/4 of the way down, slowly pour some water into the container. Same foam power, same strength. Makes it last double the time!

Mama Badger

Hmmm, I may have to try the Dawn. Normally, I'm an AJAX kind of girl. But I do like foaming action.

Hope you got all the acting kids out of the house. I imagine young actors are like young accountants. Fresh of face and oblivious to all the things that make you old an bitter. Ahhh, to be young and naive.


Love the conversations with Jude! Awesome! And I love anything that foams! I'll have to try that!
Happy Teusday!

Sarah at themommylogues

Oh my goodness - I am a Frontierville junkie. I haven't played any of the other games, but Frontierville had me at hello. I don't know how I'm supposed to get anything done, when the stupid foxes keep showing up and draining me off all the energy to clear my land. I'm not married yet, because I'm still waiting on some bricks, a hand drill and some nails to build my general store.

My actual work is certainly suffering. I'm trying not to let it affect my mothering. BUT THERE ARE CROPS TO TEND. AND ANIMALS TO FEED.


Jude is too cool. Love the line about he hula. Priceless.


I just started Frontier Ville this weekend...stupid FB and it's games. :)
And the orange...kinda creepy looking in the still frame.

Lawyer Mom

Ah, the annoying Orange has made the rounds over here, too.

Thanks for the Dawn tip. Surely they will cast you after a plug like that!

beta dad

Next time the students are over you should give them a little acting lesson of your own and go all drunken Shelly Winters on 'em. Come out ranting about what a soul-sucking business the movies are. Build to a crescendo and then smash a vodka bottle against the wall, and go, "and...scene."


Send Jude directly to my house - as long as he doesn't pee all over anything, he can shake his booty all over the place and belch as loudly as he wants. But he has to take me with him when he farts his way to Hawaii.


I don't know about the Dawn, but I am totally bonkers over the new Method laundry detergent. It is uber concentrated and comes in a bottle the size of -- I don't know -- hand lotion? Four pumps to do one load of laundry. It is amazing.


Jude is too funny!


Jude never disappoints.

Your frontier partner is...tough looking.

The Dawn stuff is pretty nice. Like magic or something! I've still got a couple cases of 7th generation to go thru yet.

I posted Annoying Orange to the 11 year old's facebook. I'm still partial to Charlie the Unicorn but the Orange is pretty cute.


I love Dawn Direct too. But I never buy the refills. When it's empty I fill it about one-fourth full of regular Dawn dish soap, then add hot water (but not all the way to the top) and stir it up. Works just as good, and way cheaper.

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