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My parents let my older sister (who was four at the time) name me. Seriously. At least that's what my mom says. However, my name also happens to be the same thing my mom named all her dolls growing up. Go figure.


My daddy named me. That's why it's spelled with only one "l". He didn't know it needed 2. Only time I didn't like it was that first day of roll call at school. Not one teacher got it right. They all called me Michael.


I had to pick "radio" names when I worked in radio. Always for one reason or another I could not be my own name. My brother, Mother and I picked my last one - Julie Davis - then my brother figured out why we subconciously named me Julie - called me at the station and started singing..."My name's not Lisa, My name is Julie..." There are no good Lisa songs either. Mona Lisa? Or that Pauly Shore "Lisa Lisa the girl I a-Dore? Don't think so.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Hey Pinkle - I totally agree with you on Capt Jean-Luc Picard. He's on my list of "sexy bald guys."

As for names, my parents had narrowed my name down to Heather or Leslie. Then I came out with red hair and was named for Eric the Red. And there aren't any good nicknames for Erica. Trust me.


I can't lie..your what if guy is one in a mill!


What an amazing answer on #3. And I totally laughed at your answer for #1. Awesome.

Mama Badger

No more complaining about names. I'm one of the 1,000's of Jennifers born in 1974. Ugh. And I'm most likely the only one who is named after a relative (how freaking horrible is that???)

Awww, it's nice that you want to be Jean Luc's gravity out there in space.


Go unusual names! I also hated mine when I was younger, but like it now.

Sprite's Keeper

I hated my name if only for the fact that every other girl in the class was named Jennifer. :-)


Trust me you don't want to be a Susan...there were always three or four of us in every class during school. Gretchen is much sexier and more mysterious!

Lawyer Mom

Oh wow. I am now praying for a Gaynell ending.

And Gretchen? Your name is lovely.


I love a good death - you described it so well, and surely not a coincidence that you were there. My other half's mother did hers in a similar way - it was on a Saturday afternoon, and everyone in the family happened to be at the house (for various reasons).

Jean-Luc is a great choice- and your name is just lovely.

Great post!!

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