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Lean your head a little closer to mine, dear, a little closer....you maybe, just maybe, lean a little closer...

can get away with no voluntee.......


Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Enjoy your night alone!!! Of course, you'll probably never hear the end of Jimmy's camping adventure.

Sprite's Keeper

Poor Jimmy. But yay for you!


That does sound like a grueling day to have to volunteer. But, worth it for the whole week!


Oh man, this is your sweet compensation for the kitten herding.

I'm going to hide in the bathroom and play Bejeweled now.

Mommy Lisa

Awesome. We love to camp - go at LEAST one time each summer. ;)


Okay, you know I love you and support most everything you do, but I don't understand everyone's (mild, maybe) but (still a little bit of) hysteria about signing up their children for activities over the summer. I remember sitting at the Y while all of you are filling out forms and writing checks, etc. and thinking: are you afraid of time with the children? Granted, we all need time to ourselves. I've had almost none in six years, but still. It's summer vacation. We all just relax, hang out and be together. No timetables, no schedules. Lazy breakfast, go to park, go to library, maybe go to the Y, beach days, afternoon naps. Easy time. Someone explain what I'm missing. Please?


Okay, having a little posting remorse. I might have been a bit glib before.

Perhaps it was the fourth time through listening to the girls singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" while performing an impromptu Christmas revue that pushed me over the edge. Happy Holidays!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Oh my. Jimmy's reaction is priceless. Enjoy your night to yourself!!

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