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Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

"What do I get out if it?"

OMGosh, our kids might be related. Or is it a universal male-child thing?


I envy you Camp Mama. Yesterday I had to stop Only Good Ex from taking The Young One (the kid who gets anxious when confronted with a roller coaster) skydiving.

I sat there with my mouth open, remembering having to physically carry the boy onto his first commercial flight because he was suffering from so much anxiety about it (he was 9), and then said something along the lines of "OVER MY DEAD BODY." I may have suggested his that his father was perfectly welcome to go jump out of an airplane - preferably sans parachute - somewhere along the line, too, but that's his business.


Yogurtland has saved me on more than one occasion!

Mama Badger

Nope, I don't envy you at all. Nothing screams, "This isn't as fun as it should be" like taking a child to a shoe or clothing store.

PB actually felt bad last night. He asked to golf this afternoon. I said, "Sure, go golf. I took a night off this week, you should get one, too!"

He looked sad and replied, "You realize that your 'night off' was to go clothes shopping, and you brought back more stuff for me and the boys than you did for yourself?"

Yup, and I'm good with that. It was ecstasy to shop all.by.myself.


Oh the joys of shopping with small boys. Right now an effective bribe for Turbo is video games--he is really into video games and will behave so he can play said video games to his little heart's content. Not probalby the best activity but peace for mom wins out sometimes.


Everything has its moment, yes?


The snuggling moment killed me!

I hope he enjoyed his yogurt!

Sprite's Keeper

Ooh, there's a Yogurtland right where we're going tomorrow! Looks like I'll be trying it!

Lynn Hornsby

yes, we have our own "yogurtland" cept ours is called Skinny Dip--and it's right across the STREET!! pretty much within walking distance. Which is and is not a good thing. We did go the other night with company and they loved it. Checked the menu: Tell the Yogurtland people to get the "mini cheesecake bites"; they look like croutons but are tiny cubes of melt-in-your mouth goodness!


Loved the snuggling part. Too cute although I'm sure embarassing for you at first. We don't have Yogurtland.


I really think more kids should have to attend some waxings and facials. That would teach them to quit whining about their own lives:)


Your child is very well brought up to agree to even get in the car for that sort of errand-running.
Great post!


Also, I would live at Yogurtland if we had such a thing (and if I were off the dairy-free wagon)

Michele Renee

I love that photo of him!! Mine really used to moan & groan too about shopping. Lucky for them I don't take them much anymore. No Yogurtland here but they love the treats at Sonic.
P.S. I cannot wait for some upcoming Mommy stories from NY/NJ.

Julie at MDMA

Once again, parallel lives for us, my friend. I am preparing to go to Europe with just the husband next week and I am running the exact same errands ... except Ross which I will not step foot into for any reason whatsoever. I am with Jude on that one and used to frequently find myself asking myself the same question he did whilst standing in their interminable lines ... no bargain is worth the customer service and general mayhem of that place! Poor Jude!

Thanks for worrying about me ... I have been trying to decide whether to blog or not to blog. I think I shall, indeed, live to blog again but need to find some focus. Anyway, I'm happy to hear someone out there missed me :-)

In other news, I'd still love to plan our mojito/beach trip in August ... you in?

Enjoy NYC and the conference. Maybe next year I'll do it with you ...

Lawyer Mom

I can so relate. The "where are we going now?", the licking, the bribes . . .

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