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Julie at MDMA

Oh, good LORD! That is fabulous! I feel like I just read a book! Don't you think Jimmy's family could provide you fodder for a slew of short stories? Names changed to protect and all that?

Seriously, I come for the quietest, least emotional, non-fightingest clan imaginable. To think of growing up with all that PASSION! Wow ... just wow!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Oh gosh! That's a great story! You can't make this stuff up.

Growing up in northern NJ I had lots of friends with similar family dramas as Jimmy's extended family. Coming from a small, boring family I would switch between envious and grateful that I didn't have to deal with the drama. Now my BFF is Southern and they have their share of drama too. It just has a totally different flare.


That makes every family drama we ever had in our family look like child's play. Too funny.

Ginny Marie

Wow! Your story has everything...intrigue, romance, drama, family...fortunately there was no more drama from THAT WOMAN after Poppy left her!


I can understand the relief you feel in not needing to get stories straight anymore. I get enough drama from my mother and Nick's father, we still have to get stories straight sometimes(to protect the ignorant)

Mama Badger

Wow, that was great. You have to love a family with that kind of drama.

I come from a family much like Jimmy's. Let's just say there was a woman I called Zizi Angie for years, and only recently found out she was not my aunt, at all, but my Uncle's girlfriend. Uhm, what?

Sprite's Keeper

I am suffering through a sinus infection right now. This Spin made me laugh so hard, the entire left side of my face is THROBBING!
Thank you for that.
You're linked!
I think I like the Jewish family drama instead. Anyone pulls anything stupid, the rest of the family considers them dead and spits on their feet. the end. :-)


Love this -- reminds me of my own very extended southern Italian family!


what a story, just like a woody allen movie. perfect blend of humor, tragedy and happiness.


That is THE CRAZIEST THING EVER! I am totally delighted with this whole story and the way you told it.

And I need to have more friends who are Italian-American. We have a couple of major, decades-long extended family dramas, but there is nothing warm, redemptive, or funny about them. They are just bitterly terrible. I feels shortchanged!

Mommy Lisa

What a crazy story!

Michele Renee

What a story! I love how you have described the in-laws in the past so I already had a visual, and now this .....situation. I totally picture your MIL as George's mom on Seinfeld.

Lawyer Mom

Wow! There's your next screenplay! The shoe-box part was the best.

Captain Dumbass

Which family member will Andy Garcia be playing?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

What a hilarious story. I totally thought my family was full of drama. Then I read this. Yeah..er..never mind.

I just loved this tale of Italian woe and drama and romance...you write books right? I hope so!

beta dad

Great story! Our family dramas are so...genteel by comparison. In my family people get all the crazy stuff out of their systems by age 40 and then passive-aggressively aggravate one another for the next 40 or so years.

Amy in Australia

Gretchen, seriously. You write so well, I love how you tell a story. This post was just amazing--I was rapt! If you published a book of short stories, I would SO buy it.

What a family! Love it. And now I'm craving lobster ravioli. :)

Nony the Slob

LOVE this story!


Oh my god, Gretchen! Great story. Have I told you that my Dad's family is Italian American? Oh, there is so. much. drama. all the time.


Growing up in NJ with NYC parents and many Italian friends, I understand this entirely! What a drama. And yes, imagine trying to get Jude to say the right thing?
Amazing Spin!


Love it.


what a fantastic story. My ex's was never that exciting. He was born, his mother ruined his life, stayed with his dad. The end.

Julia's Math

Wow am so jealous. The worst thing my in laws do is use incorrect Grammer (which drives me CRAZY)

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