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The Bug

I personally think that Sharpies are a girl's best friend (although I've never actually used one for that purpose).

I'm gonna have to check out that show - it sounds like a hoot! And they have a live goat cam (which I'm blocked from watching at work - they are NO FUN at this office).


I hope I can catch the Beekman Boys. Saw the previews and it looked too cute.

My ransom note said something about leaving nachos and mojitos...mmmmm, nachos.

Um, I've used the menstrual cup. :/ There's kind of a learning curve. Pros and Cons and whatnot. Not really something you want to have to fool with in a public restroom and definitely definitely not on a camping trip.

Lego toilet paper! I was cringing every time he broke something :( Lego cat!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

All of these are a hoot! I can't decide which is my favorite. Yes, I would have loved to overhear the conversation between Clinton and Jagger. I also wonder how big of a house my kids could make with all of the Legos they own.

Sprite's Keeper

And it even measures it out for you. Obviously made by a man who thinks menstruation should be treated like an oil change.

Mama Badger

How do you think the conversation that got them to the game went? Who called who to ask? Do you think Bill said to Hillary, "I'm thinking of calling Mick and asking him to go to the World Cup with me?" Boggles the mind.

I don't think I'd be into vajazzling. You'd need to spend a quantity of time nekked to make that worth the $$$.


Hmmm...I plucked the gray hair, but now I'm thinking the bedazzling is a way better idea. I have a dr.'s appoint in an hour. Do you think I have time?

I have heard of the "cup." Ewww. Some people swear by it though.

Happy Tuesday


Love that Lego House - wonder if I can make one in time for the kiddo's birthday party next week...doubt it.

I use the Diva Cup. It is AMAZING. (Cue the commercial pitch of the converted!) Yes, there's a slight learning curve, but it's far less disgusting than pads. (Aren't pads gross?? I can't be the only one who thinks so.) A little Googling showed different techniques for positioning and solved the "learning" issue I had. Two-and-a-half years now, and I'm never going back. It's so nice if you're one of us who has REALLY heavy periods. Rather than changing tampons once an hour, I empty it twice a day. Three times on the worst day. That's it.

There's a bonus I didn't expect - my cramps have lessened. I didn't believe people who said many cramps are caused by the chemicals in disposable pads and tampons, but I'm far more comfortable now than I was when I was using them. I was shocked by that. I'm not completely cramp- or discomfort-free, but it's astoundingly better.

I will say - I've dealt with it in public restrooms on trips, and it's doable, but difficult. I'd DEFINITELY take tampons on a camping trip.


that cup thingy is just gross. ~virtual shudder~


I just found your blog. Loved your random post.

Ginny Marie

Since my Google Reader tells me I have 1000+ posts to read, I have the urge to mark all as read and start over, too! However, I just couldn't resist this post with the words "menstrual cups" in the title!

Mommy Lisa

UGH! That cup. I tried it - simply a mess. The chiropractor I worked for recommended it. I will stick with my OB thankyouverymuch.

I SOOO wish I could hear what Mick and Bill said.

Michele Renee

What the hecks?? Now the cup was so 15 years ago for my knowledge. Never used it but heard about it. But bedazzling? And from Sara? She lives in the middle of the country. How did she hear of this? Obviously I am shaken up over the whole thing. It is sort of glowy like vampire Edward.

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