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That does look like a lot of camera fun.

And you have a very cool looking family.


I have a zillion photos like these. Unfortunately, they really are from the 70s.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Now I have phone envy.


i freakin love the hipstamatic its really addictive! my husband is sad for the loss of "normal" pics of the kids but these are so much better

Mama Badger

Just another reason Verizon needs to get the damn iphone going...

Sprite's Keeper

No matter what app you use, it STILL looks like everyone stepped off the pages of a magazine! Only in CA?


Cool! I had no idea that this App existed. I'm adding it to my list, of must purchase Apps.


Sold. You had me at obsession.


Oh man, that is SO cool! I think it would make me a hipper person just having that, don't you? I am hoping to get the new iPhone so we'll see.

Do you rent out your family members? Everyone is so attractive! And Jimmy looks just like I imagined him. Just...cool! (See? If I were hipper, I could come up with a better description.

Julie at MDMA

I am SOLD! You should get a commission! To the app store, ho!


Definitely rad.

I spotted Jimmy right away. Hopelessly cool. Love it.

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