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That's awesome. What a picture of marriage!


Those bedtime giggles with your hubby are sometimes what makes it all worth it. I love hearing about other couples who do things like that.


You should be the first one to submit this as next week's spin because that is bonding if I've ever seen it.

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

I HOPE you are planning your revenge...

The Bug

You guys are hilarious. I love it when Mike & I fall asleep laughing (usually at each other).


OMG, that was too funny.

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

A hot bath? What's that?

The remote thing is something I would do to my husband.


You guys, cute!


That is so stinkin' adorable! A man who can make you laugh is definitely worth keeping! :)


That is the best story I've heard all week! You guys are so freaking cute!!


That is the best story I've heard all week! You guys are so freaking cute!!


Jimmy = Funny. Funny looking?


Classic. :-)

Lawyer Mom

Jimmy has totally missed his calling . . . I think (since I don't know what is actual calling is?). He needs to be the producer for Candid Camera!

Amy in Australia

LOVED this! You totally had me going till the end--I could not figure out what was going on. :) Your Jimmy is priceless!

P.S. How do manage to be on the laptop in the tub? I'm trying to see how I could incorporate my two favorite pastimes!


I love Jimmy. That is classic

Heather (qtberryhead)

This is an prime example of why we don't have a TV in the bedroom.
Also...how is it possible that a little dog can take up so damn much room??


Jimmy is a stinker! Love it! Thanks for sharing, you had me roaring!


So much fun, thanks for letting us in.

Ginny Marie

What a great way to fall asleep! I have to arrange everything just right, too, and it drives my husband crazy!


HAHA, that was pretty good. Bet you were good and frustrated!

Julie at MDMA

Love the rituals! I, too, have a cadre of what my husband calls creams, potions, unguents and salves that I have to put on before bed or I just can't get comfy ... even with my special pillow under my knees and my three perfect down pillows arrayed under my head just so. Thanks for the glimpse into your fun marriage!


I'm w/ Amy. how do you manage a laptop in the tub? I kept thinking you were gonne say it fell in the tub at first, then I thought the remote was undert the pillow, too funny!

Michele Renee

How on earth did he remain quiet while you did all that? And putting the cream on in bed? You have patience because if I couldn't find the remote and had to get up I would have unplugged the damn thing (if we had TV in the bedroom).


Too awesome. I don't know how he stayed straight for that long! And did *he* put the dog on the bed for added effect?

I can't really share what our last bedtime giggling episode was about but they sure are good times.

great post!

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