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You are wonderful to do such a thing, although it does make one wonder how well she is being looked after!


When my cousin was in the hospital - which was a LOT because she had a bad heart. Difibrillator & Pacemaker. We used to sneak off to Davani's down the street or the cafeteria for pie. We were in our late teens and early twenties and thought we would live forever - no matter the doctors.

My dear cousin left us twenty years ago this past February. I treasure those adventures...


You guys are sweethearts, I bet that outing made her day!

And hmmm, it is a little odd that nobody minded her being gone?

Sprite's Keeper

You truly have a wonderful husband. And he truly has a wonderful and patient wife!


OMG, the nurse in me doesn't know whether to laugh or gasp! She is quite the character, huh? My HS boyfriends grandfather once just left the hospital and took a bus home. It took them a while to notice he was gone too. I think the nurses just assume someone took the patient for a test, but yeah, a little scary....
Your husband sounds wonderful! And you're certainly modeling the kind of behavior to make Jude an incredible man.


I could be mistaken but I don't think your supposed to be taking a patient that far from the hospital lol. There is something so wrong though that no one even noticed she was missing,ha. She seems like some kind of woman though. I hope she recovers quickly.


I just adore Jimmy. And what a wonderful roll model he is to Jude. Who will undoubtedly take very good care of the 2 of you when you are old and incontinent.

I routinely promise my children that when my husband and I are old and gray, we are going to sit in their backseat and bicker. :)

Julie at MDMA

You guys are awesome! For her, I bet that was the best latte in the world!

BTW, you are both doing some seriously fantastic modeling for Jude about how to be with people in need. My son wouldn't be jumping into hug anyone in the hospital ... which says way more about me than it does about him. Maybe I should work on that before I AM the person in the hospital (sorry, just had a birthday and I've been a bit maudlin).


What a wonderful story! I love that Jude is so comfortable with older folks.

I think it's sooo important for our kids to have a connection to far removed generations.And to be able to weather a big overly-lipsticked kiss from someone you don't know that well.

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