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That dress. THAT. DRESS.

I'll never be able to unsee it, you know...

Michele Renee

Something tells me that the husband was probably very happy with that dress.
The video on Alexander Hamilton was too funny. It cracked me up how he used a cell phone to call home to tell the family he loved them prior to his duel.

Sprite's Keeper

Those are some tight tights on that groom. You could probably see his wallet. Wait, wallets don't go with tights. Coin purse?

Mama Badger

It's like she's floating on bubbles. Is that headpiece stolen from Glenda, the good witch? My god, I missed an opportunity at my wedding. Must do over!

Is she allowed to complain about his Peter Pan complex to her therapist later in life?

Lisa Scherber

Wow...I had something funny and your blog hosting company said I was DENIED! I had to login with FB.


Gotta watch the drunks later tonight over a glass of wine! ;)


Denied?! Weird. Hmmm. What exactly were you trying to say? NowI REALLY want to know.


Aimee @ In THIS Life

OMG, the video! Ha!! I like the expression on Hamilton's face when he points the gun at himself. Nice.


I think your Pinewood derby car rocks! I am so impressed! And I am a lost fan bigtime! I can't wait for tonight. And Sunday!


Boy, Peter Pan sure is lacking in the "peter" department now isn't he?

Not that I was looking but it totally creeped me out.

The Bug

Well, obviously I have to share the video with my historian husband (who does occasionally get drunk, I might add, and lectures about various historical subjects). Can't wait to see what he thinks about it!

The car is too cute!

Heather (qtberryhead)

Holy...wow. I'm glad I eloped!
And even more glad that I have never been asked to be a bridesmaid...maybe because all my friends know that there's no way I would keep my trap shut regarding such nonsense.


Oh god the drunk history! You have got to watch the one with Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglas.

I too am beside myself over Lost!

Ginny Marie

Those wedding pictures have made me speechless. What were they thinking?


My only regret is looking at those wedding photos sober, bc I know I could've got some serious tears of laughter over that. wth?

The historical video, too. Is that not the most adorable historian ever? Brilliant, just brilliant.

Excellent derby car. Glad I wasn't competing against you bc mine would've been LAME.

Lawyer Mom

Oh. My. Goodness. That Peter Pan scene takes the cake, no pun intended.

Yes, the chemical/pesticide thing is worrisome. Very. I wish the gov't would just outlaw BPA for anything that touches food or water. Now I cringe when I open a can of beets or tomatoes or . . . anything.

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