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But girl - you ARE the hottest middle-aged mom in LA.

Oh, and if you wish to observe wild animals, you're more than welcome to come here for two weeks and stare at my teenage son all you want. Navigating his bedroom alone is all the adventure you could hope for, and then some.

And I wouldn't even charge you that much.


Go for the pole dancing--it'll make interesting dinner conversation at least.


Go for the pole dancing! Botox? I am afraid of it!


That pole dancing should keep you spry enough so when you're older you can hover over a hole in the ground on your trip to Mongolia.


I think you're beautiful! I had botox once for migraines. 10 years ago. They shot it everywhere around my head and eyes. For 3 weeks my headaches increased so badly it was horrible. The not being able to wrinkle one's head was weird, but I guess out there everyone IS having it. I wouldn't risk it again. I do however, hate the lines around my mouth and think one day about restaline injections (or whatever the hell that is). Isay do what makes you happy; life's too short!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Pole lessons - Why the hell not?

Keurig - My friend SWEARS by hers. They order the K-Cups in bulk from the internet.

Ghost stories - there are whole books of kid-appropriate ghost stories (and too-scary-for-my-kids ones, too) at our school library. Worth a check at yours and the public library and/or Amazon.

Botox - I'm kind of pro-aging-naturally and embracing it, myself. I think you're freaking gorgeous as you are. Then again, I am not you. Your own confidence in your looks and whatever impact it might have on your career are more important than my opinion. ;)


Pole dancing OR Botox. I'd rather spend the money and skip all that exercise. or you could pole dance and then no one would notice your old face. So hard to decide!

Mama Badger

Baby, if you can get your fanny up that pole like that girl can, go for it.

Kuerig, I didn't like it. If you're picky about your coffee, you won't like the little cups. It lacks that brewing from fresh grounds thing.

Oh, and I go on vacation to leave work behind. Not to mind someone's ponies without a flush toilet. I'm just saying. The older I get, the more I get like my Mom. Her idea of roughing it was the Motel 6.


I don't know, pole dancing looks a lot like work. Skip the Botox and spend the money on the Keurig. I have one at home AND one at work. Sometimes we make out.

Sprite's Keeper

My parents have a Keurig and they love it. While it is trendy looking and you get a lot of coffee flavors at your disposal, I still think it's easier to just get some different flavor creamers and leave it at that. My mom hates it when I kill her buzz on her gadgets.
Botox? Don't do it! You're gorgeous the way you are! Hollywood is turning Botoxy people away!!! I read it on ABC News, it must be true! (?)


There is a book that my 4th graders like that has scary stories. It is called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I think there is a part 2 as well. The tales are not too scary, but the kids love them.


Just take more ecovolunteer vacations with no Western toilets and mirrors. Then you won't need Botox.


Also, as far as scary stories go, check out some of Neil Gaiman's children's books. They're excellent :).


I'd like to be able to pole dance, but it looks too dang hard. I'd probably try it tho'.

I would most definitely enjoy a pony watching vacation. I'd have to go by myself, of course, bc no one, and I mean no one, else in my family would find that even remotely interesting.

I need more coffee at a time than the Keurig can provide, so...

I think the pressure of providing a nightly ghost story is the scary part! I'd have to invest in many books.

Botox? I'd probably try it or something like it eventually. To me, it's along the lines of dyeing hair and painting nails. Not a big deal (but! possible to over-do, etc.)

Julie at MDMA

Pole Dancing: YES! Although, I'd probably need a cocktail to keep from dying of embarrassment and then I'd fall and break something (like my ass) and then I'd be embarrassed anyway. You, on the other hand, are probably graceful ... so, YES!

Pony Watching Vacations: YES!

Strange Pod-Requiring Coffee Makers: NO! I am a Luddite when it comes to coffee.

Botox: YES! YES! YES! But the commenter above is right ... acting requires the ability to make expressions with one's face. I'm not an actor. I am a vain 46 year old suburban housewife.

Lawyer Mom

Definitely go for the Keurig coffee maker. We got my mother one for her birthday and she's been pole dancing ever since.

Zelma Wedeking

Why don't you give both a try? BUT do your own research for botox before you do anything, of course! On the topic of pole dancing, if you have the courage to do it (and to wear the outfit!), then give it a shot! I hear it works marvelously for the body!

Tobi Fistcher

Well, if you happen to decide to try Botox, make sure you consult a professional doctor who specializes in cosmetic Botox to verify if you're qualified for the treatment. And if you are qualified, have it done by a trained doctor. Check for qualifications and certifications that validate a doctor's eligibility to practice the operation. :)

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