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Oh yes, I love Korean baths: in the one in Sydney, they wear what I can only describe as girdles and are very stocky and strong. I do wonder sometimes, when I step out into the streets of Kings X having been scrubbed and pummeled, as to whether all the pollution on the street there is suddenly rushing into my open pores.

Mama Badger

Oh, woe is me for having moved to a city with a stunning lack of Koreans. Now I want to come to LA for a Korean bath. This sounds wonderful. (though I have to wonder if most of that is in your prose. would I get there and find a cave filled with crazy asian women?)

unmitigated me (m.a.w.)

I don't do naked very well. All my life. I even get shy about it in front of my husband, who has seen everything! I've given birth twice, and still!


I hear you. Also abt the naked; the thing I love abt my gym is its naked culture -- naked sauna, naked hot tub, naked steam room, naked. I hate it when I want to get naked and everyone is such a clothes-on violet. I am geographically positioned such as to choose between a korean sauna, a japanese outdoor soaking spa, the chinese tui na place, or the russian bath. My husband has a hard time keeping up with the idiosyncracies of each place in the retellings. But the korean spa is the most-abrasively scrubbiest by far. Also, there is no one talking to me, since I don't speak korean, so it is 5 times relaxing.


OMG, I don't think I could do it. I would be laughing the whole time. I'm glad you enjoyed it though.


I so want to do this, but what if I saw someone I knew? Like you?


Wow, you're brave. That's way beyond my comfort level! I loved your description though. Makes me feel I've almost experienced it!

The Bug

I've never been super modest either (which makes my annoyance at all the extra cleavage I have from my weight gain very funny). I guess it's because in the spa you're not giving off the sexy vibe. I'd be comfortable with that. I'm afraid that I might kick someone if she touched my feet though - not intentionally. It's a reflex.


"they will rub absolutely every part of your body but the interior of your vagina."

that made me laugh out loud.


That is so beyond my comfort level. Wish I could just let loose; I think life would be a little bit easier if I wasn't so uptight all the time. :)

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

It sounds wonderful in a very surreal, adventuresome sort of way. It's way outside my comfort zone. But in a way, I'd like to try it to expand my boundaries. I'm so glad you had a relaxing Mother's Day!

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Okay, I have a new goal: to get over my fear of being naked in front of people and DO THIS. It sounds heavenly.

"when you're naked and lubed up with oil and honey, you are one slippery little devil, and staying on the table can prove challenging"

THAT's what made me LOL.

Sprite's Keeper

It sounds strangely wonderful, but my overwhelming modesty would stop me every time. Funny how my mind is immodest in terms of words but when it comes to actions, I'm completely shy. Sounds relaxing though.


What a lovely mother's day treat for yourself! However, I think I would have been much to modest to relax.


Okay, the next time I come to LA, can I come see you and we can go to this place? Or would that be weird? I can handle the nakedness if you can.


I want to go. NOW. Seriously, it's been a rough week at work and I'd love to go.

Where in LA is this? I might go visit my mom in Camarillo this summer and will probably visit my nephew in LA a day or two. He might not see much of me as I will be at Olympic Spa.

Most excellent travel post.

Michele Renee

I think I am so traumatized by your vagina comment that it took me a day to comment on this post. Great description by the way. I am amazed by the trough area where you scrub yourself. And you are sitting on a stool naked...?? I should do that scrub down thing at home...buy my own bottle of scrubbing salt stuff and stand in the tub, have buckets of warm water ready...
Becky, no need to wait till L.A. There is a huge Korean spa not too far away from you in GA that is even bigger, less crowded and has gotten rave reviews.


I'm so coming out there so you can take me to that place! It just sounds too ridiculously magical. I wanna nap naked on a warm floor with my baby soft skin.
Great description!


Sounds like a nice place--I've been to spas in Korea and Japan (with natural hot springs), but never had the massage treatment. I should do a TTT post on Tapioca Hot Springs near Death Valley--it'd make a nice winter trip from LA.


pardon me, while i google my metro area and look for a korean bath house...

really? every shape and size? cause, i've had two babies, am not comfortable naked. however, i'm willing to try.


Sounds divine. ;-)


I would totally do it. Even though I don't look good naked anymore. I used to look HAWT naked, now? notsomuch.

I'd do some serious gawking at the nakedness surrounding me too. Boobs are indeed silly, as are asses and hoo has.

Doubt I'll find a spa like this anywhere up here in the puritanical northeast.


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