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What a great thing to do for a horrible disease. Thanks Gretchen!


Donation done!

Beloved thinks peeing in the shower is disgusting - I'm like, what's the big deal? There's water going down the drain anyway, and you've got soap there...

Mama Badger

Meh, pee in the shower, pee in the toilet. I clean both, so who's to care but me?

We're praying for little Monkey. Have hope, though, a good friend of ours is in recovery from the same thing, and he's doing just great!


Okay, I'm going over to Ian's to get filled in on what to do. Will be praying.

And honey I think you can make it in this crazy writing biz. xoxox


3 comments? How come I have 4 donations thus far from you then? :)



Thanks for the heads up on Monkey. I've posted the button on my blog and will visit the website to try to help out.

I, too, have the same pet peeve about tardiness. We should make an appointment together and see if we arrive simultaneously on time.

Mommy Lisa

I love The Girl From Ipanima...

Sprite's Keeper

Poor Monkey, thanks for the forward!
I was also told that peeing in the pool would do that, so I never did. Peeing in the shower? Still can't. There's something about standing there and doing it that makes me think I need a penis to perform. Wow, that sentence just took my thought to new places..


Swung over to Monkey's place and happy to help.

Luuuuurve that song, that voice.

I have no qualms about shower peeing. So long as it's at the beginning of the shower, not the end.

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