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I'm so not listening to the pina colada song.


A human finger? Who comes up with these things??
That sounds like a party I wish I'd been at!
I'm so sorry about your mom; she sounds like a wonderful person.


Isn't it amazing how fast parties can turn on you?


NO, not listening to the pina colada song.

Would the money for scarfing down a human digit be tax free? Would I be allowed to cook it to my liking? That would have a LOT to do with my price range...


Maybe if the finger came with fava beans instead of a nice chianti, you could get a pucnh bowl with a straw! I am so laughing at the post. You are just too funny!


Whew...that was one hell of an emotional Monday Minute...

Mama Badger

Ewww. That's all I can say. Would human digit be like chicken wings? Just a thought.

Did you really have to put the link to the song? Because the button was too much for me to resist. Ugh. I hate that song.


Wow!!! That must have been one hell of a party!


That song is one of my all time favorite. I'm not kidding....

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