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I died at the part where you bring up the Panama Canal! Bless her.

I love reading about Mommy.

Swim safe!


These are the sorts of conversations I have with my mom every week. Probably why I have that permanent lump on my forehead.

Mama Badger

I was wondering when you were just going to give in. Because you will never know better than Matt Lauer.

Happy Mother's Day to you and Mommy.


I can so hear this conversation in my head. Excellent way to resolve it, in a sit-com or in real life. In this case, the distinction between the two is a little fuzzy for me....
happy mother's day :)


I was wondering which one of you was going to bring up the Panama Canal!

You deserve a drink.

Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)

If Matt Lauer said it then I guess it must be important.

Those oil spills can be pretty slippery fellas if you get right down to it.

Happy Mothers Day to you and your Mom,


HAHAHAHAHA...I've had those kind of conversations, and then a concussion from banging my head on the wall!

The Bug

Oh bless her heart! Reminds me of the people who heard that I had been in Zambia & asked if I knew so-&-so who was in Africa. Where? I don't know - just somewhere in Africa. Well, it's a big continent...


Hee Hee. God love her.

Now pack that bag and get to the beach!


So funny, just make sure when you do go to the beach, do not tell her or no one will get any peace!!!


bwa ha ha... I miss my Mar-Mar. Love to you both!


as soon as you wrote she was calling about not going in the ocean i knew exactly where this was going--luv that you told her you "wouldn't" as to better be safe than sorry--too much!


I get calls every year from relatives who are nervous about the fires, but this is truly hysterical. And the note to read in an Edith Bunker voice was great -- I "heard" it totally which made it even funnier.

Stay dry, Gretchen. And non-greasy.


You know, I was supposed to go to the beach Monday. Perhaps I should just stay home.

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