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A les indutrious woman would have allowed the street cleaner to...clean the treet. Those gang bangers will never mess with you now. In fact, I am betting they will protect you.


The "s" on my daughter's computer appears to be a bit tetchy.


At that point I would have fallen flat on my face smashing the said bag of poop into my chest. So I say you did really well.


What a daily adventure! And your companion Miss Fancy is the cutest thing ever.

Captain Dumbass

This is why I have fish. And a growing muffin top.

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Watch out next time I'm in LA visiting my sister. Fancy might find herself dognapped and riding up to Seattle in my carry-on!

I think you've got the making of a sitcom here...Dog-Walking Lady?

Ginny Marie

Most hilarious description of a dog walk award goes to...Gretchen!

My sister used to live in LA by USC, and her neighborhood was extremely diverse. I would be talking on the phone with her and hear the tamale lady on the street.

Heather (qtberryhead)

I really wish I lived by you...the only thing I get to see at 8:00 in the morning is my neighbor edging his lawn and making me look bad. Boring.
I totally dig nicknaming people too.
And thank you for being such a nice person and scooping poop...even out of the middle of the street. Even with threats of being eaten by a street sweeper!


Some days, it just doesn't pay to exercise.

On the leash training, she's got too much room to roam. Keep the leash as short as possible (without straining your back or her neck) - she should have just enough room to walk beside you. It will take a few very slow walks, but if she starts to tug, stop dead in your tracks. Wait for her to come back, then give her a little leash room to investigate what she's smelling. Shorten the leash up and continue walking. Rinse, repeat, etc. When she's trotting along beside you at a normal pace and not pulling, straining or trying to tie your ankles together, slowly begin letting the leash out.

The Bug

That's hilarious. I'm pretty sure I would have left the "gift" in the street - I'm not as nice as you!


An inappropriate shitter, I love it.


You crack me up! I live at the beach and met this woman last summer that must have the absolute coolest dog ever...she trained him to carry his own crap bag...no lie! He will pick his leash off of the ground and walk behind and follow her also! My dog? No way in hell! She's more likely to drag my fat butt through her crap to get where she wants to go!

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