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Daughter is taking me through Doctor Who, season by season on Netflix. I am just into the beginning of David Tennant as the Doctor. We are nerd sisters, Gretchen! Which is your favorite Star Trek?


That's so funny! We've been looking for a new series to start...and were thinking of Doctor Who as well! But anyway, love the Friday's Child idea! And I think you ladies all look gorgeous in your hats. :)


Love those Easter bonnets...you ladies rock!

The Bug

Thanks for following up on those things! I LOVE the Easter hats - & how all the dresses coordinated so nicely. And Jude is SO CUTE with his little face sticking out there...

Dr. M & I have been watching Doctor Who lately too. I remember when it was the IT show to watch when I was in college (if you were a nerdy dorm dweller with no other life). We've enjoyed what we watched, but we're suspicious of this new doctor (keep in mind that we didn't watch the new episode, so our suspicions are unfounded). What do you think?

Captain Dumbass

I'm thinking of wearing a muumuu, there's a lot of growth room in one of those and I wouldn't need to feel like dieting for some time.

Sprite's Keeper

Love the picture! And the updates are helpful too. I was wondering what happened with the closet system. Show pictures of that!

Ginny Marie

Since I just started reading your blog, I have a lot of catching up to do!

I love the Easter bonnets--you do all look gorgeous!

And there's so many more Dr. Who fans out there than I thought...guess I can come out of the closet, now!

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