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Aimee @ In THIS Life

Awesome post.

I was thinking about this exact subject for the "roles" prompt...the main difference, however, being that I'm not an actor & never have been. I always say I'd love to play Madame Thernardier on stage, because you can play her overweight and a little off-key and manage to (a) fit people's expectations AND (b) do it well. ;) (Joking aside, she *would* be a fun role, don't you think?)


I could almost hear Madeline Kahn lisp out "Oh...I think I love him" when I read it. She was fantastic.

I admire you for being able to keep screen roles separate from life roles. I think it would be very hard to play another person. I have a hard enough time just trying to figure myself out let alone someone else.

Mama Badger

Wow, those are some of my favorite roles of all time. I grew up thinking every women should be like Maude, and I cried when I heard Bea Arthur died. I made my husband watch the whole "Golden Girls" marathon.

oh, and I love Carly's Bridget Bardot line...

Awesome spin.


So interesting! Becky and I were just talking about you the other day and how much we enjoy your blog. Your writing is really engaging.

I saw a still from The Graduate the other day--Anne Bancroft was so beautiful in that role. I can imagine it'd be a juicy one to play!

Sprite's Keeper

All of your characters are strong women, either subtle or completely out and proud. You like nuances, don't you? Go for it! You're linked!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

I'm right there with you on my acting career not taking off and just sticking with commercials because I lacked ambition - mostly because I, too, have trouble 'selling' myself. :)

I LOVED all the roles/people you listed - like Jen said, they're all strong women. Great choices and great spin! :)


Such a cool post! I love this list. If I were an actress, I would want to play these women, too!


Sometimes I think its part of growing and expanding your talents that lands you in a area that you never planned on being. Have you considered writing a book?


Oh, I LOVE Double Indemnity. I think I'm going to add it to my queue right now.


Alice Kramden! Great choice. Many great choices. I miss The Sopranos. But it was getting a little lame at the end anyway.

I think as far as playing an acting role (which I've never done) I'd just be content to look pretty and wear fun things.

Michele Renee

This is great—I feel like I have just listened to a wonderful lecture at the AFI. Don’t you love reading about how other actors were considered for roles and if it wasn’t for a work conflict or other obligation certain roles would have gone to others. It is amazing how Anne Bancroft was not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th choice. And she was 35 years old! Anyway, sounds like you like many classic films with great lines to rival your husband!


Will you have regrets if you don't try one more time?


Awesome fun to read the great lines and what you have to say. Deal with the pantsuits...I would love to hear you say, "God'll get you for that."



What an absolutely fabulous post! I wondered if you'd do something about your career with this and I'm glad you did...truly enjoyed. Maude was a fabulous chararcter and Scarlett - priceless!


Wow, those are some powerful women. I have always like Nora Charles in The Thin Man series--she gets to say the best lines to Nick.

Julie at MDMA

Gawd, what a fantastic, diverse list ... from Ripley to Mrs. Robinson to Adelaide! I so admire actors and their ability to morph like this ... I can't even pretend to be nice to the stupid neighborhood guy who wants to drop his kids off for a "playdate" unannounced, let alone get up on a stage or in front of cameras with a bunch of "below the line" people watching and pretend to be Blanche Dubois. That is the stuff of nightmares for me ...


Awesome post. My daughter loves stage, theatre, singing, acting, dancing. Me? I hate to be in front of the camera. I love to write and take pictures, videos.

My daughter is going to Maui tomorrow for a call back for a role in Little Women at Hana Performing Arts. Until last week, I had no idea it had a muscical version.

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