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I love this post, and I love The Band. Their voices make me want to cry -- always -- reminds me of another life I had a long time ago.

Here's to the weight lifting soon.


Good to be back and enjoy your random. Hope your sinuses feel better. Thank goodness Hef is saving HOLLYWOOD; what would we do w/o him!

The Bug

I'll show up on your map as being from Virginia - that's where our corp. headquarters are & our internet is routed through there - but I'm really from Ohio. Sneaky!

I used that marriage thing as my FB status the other day. Hmm - I think it's still my status. Perhaps I should log in & post something new...


I love creepy old places...I may be obsessing over that site myself.

Sprite's Keeper

The visitor thing is NEVER right on my site. I don't even check it anymore.
I did find it ironic that it took a porno icon to rescue another icon. :-)


That was pretty random. Way to go! Happy RTT!


I would have preferred they kept the Ambassador Hotel but at least they saved the sign I feel obligated to actually buy some porn now as a tribute to our friend Hugh


Now, if the Ambassador houses many hot twentysomethings babes with huge knockers, Old Hugh might step in and save it...nah, he'd invite the babes to hang out at his mansion!

Ginny Marie

I loved our school lunches when I taught out in rural Illinois. We would have scalloped potatoes and ham, chili with peanut butter sandwiches (a big no-no now), and other yummy food made on the premises by a real cook! But then I got a new job teaching in an upper class suburb, and that school gave the kids fast food every day for lunch! KFC, McD's, etc., etc. I sadly packed my own lunch every day.

Aimee @ In THIS Life

Are you ready for this? Don't hate me, okay?

I'd never heard of The Band before right now. I blame it on a combination of their original incarnation literally being before my time (thank you, Wikipedia) and their sound not being my parents' usual musical M.O.

They sound familiar, tho'. I like the song.

I think I'll crawl back in my hole now.

Michele Renee

I'm totally enjoying the music right now here tonight. Thanks!
Well, Hollywood and other things bigger than life have been good to Hef. Seems fair that he put some bucks into the sign.

Julie at MDMA

Thanks for the random ... now I feel random, too! (And this would be a good day for it ... Culver City Farmer's Market + girlfriends + wine + loads of kids = good times!)

When the Ambassador closed all those years ago (I am so old!) I went to scout it for a fashion show and it was AWESOME! Saw the Grove but couldn't charm anyone into taking me to the kitchen, unfortunately.

Wasn't LAUSD was trying to make it into a school at one point? Did I miss a school board mini-drama somewhere? Living down in the beach cities keeps you a little out of the loop, I guess. Anyway, I feel like if it closed now, someone would try to save it ... wouldn't it be the greatest club?


great random.

those abandoned buildings are fantastic! i could really get wrapped up in that site easily.

i was just reading recently about school lunches in France vs here in the US. pitiful what our kids have to eat. gee, do we think it might improve their ability to concentrate and learn if they weren't eating imitation food?

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