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The kind who will apparently never discover the joys of nose picking(in relation to answer number 3)…lol…glad I discovered you through Ian’s blog!


I would not even want to list all the drugs I consumed in high school. It would baffle anyone how I was able to get through college.


Holy batfuck monkey balls of death that was the best first ever monday minute post EVER!!!!!! 49? Bullshit.


:) That's quite a list you got there! I admire your honesty! New follower here!


You are braver than I, lovely Gretchen! Looking forward to more MMs to come...


Yabba dabba doo!!!! Flintstones rock! Pun intended! i won't share any of my escapades...my kids are currently looking for the goods on me, and personally, I think they know way more than needed!!!!

Sprite's Keeper

I feel like I need to sign a confidentiality agreement now.. :-)

Miss Fit

I didn't count alcohol on mine. Hmm...does that mean I'm in denial? Flinstones are Awesomeness.


Awesome...and after reading "Ready For Water" I am now a follower.


Ready For Water impressed the pants off of me. Totally pulled it off. I would've needed any or all of the above listed pharmaceuticals. And I still would've been dropping f-bombs.

Lily, age 8, has been repulsed by nose picking for some time, too. She said to me a week or so ago, "So'n'so picks his nose and eats it. I get the picking part, but what's with the *eating?!*" My awesome answer? "Because it's salty." Because, ya, I did pick my nose and eat it sometimes when I was a kid. The other times I stuck it to the wall. Horrible, just horrible.

I love the poppers story. How frickin fun was that?!

The Lawyer Mom

According to my kid's DARE calendar, there's not much on this earth that's not considered a "drug." But "poppers" are a new one on me.

Now I'm off to read Ready for Water.

Ginny Marie

Okay, it took me while to figure out what A/S/L stood for. (Doh!) At first reading I immediately thought American Sign Language, but then your answer made no sense at all!

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