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Heather (qtberryhead)

Awesome...I shudder at the thought of my own carbon footprint. Composting is awesome, I love nice rich dirt. Makes me want to garden...
Keep your Sycamore trimmed, they get massive!

Erica@Pines Lake Redhead

Thanks for all these great links! I will check them out when I'm not at work. ;) However, I did do the carbon footprint test and my personal footprint is 18 tons/year. I blame that mostly on the SUV I drive and lack of ability to compost.

I agreee that snack time at a soccer game is difficult without single-serve plastic water bottles. Couldn't a resuable bottle become part of the required equipment list for each player? That way the snack person could just bring a larg jug of water/gatorade.

Isn't Crane stationery fabulous?

The Bug

We have bought those Sunchips - & they ARE rackety! It's really funny.

We use cloth sandwich & snack bags - & I really like them. Don't have to worry if I'm going to run out of baggies - & they actually feel like they "protect" my food better. The best thing is that our sandwich bags become a mat to put your sandwich on - so I don't have to get a plate or a paper towel. We just wipe ours down after each use.

And I love my Flylady water bottle - keeps my water cold for hours!


Oh, if I'd know you wanted a sycamore, you could have had BOTH of mine. They're lovely, but effing MESSY.

I'm with you - I will not give up my meat or long, hot showers, although I try to eat organic as much as possible and we do recycle and have given up bottled water. And you're right, the thought of composting is intriguing. Perhaps I'll give it a whirl.

Michele Renee

Gretchen, have I told you lately how much I look forward to your posts with my morning coffee? I loved your post yesterday about the movie quotes—read it three times. Every time I wanted to comment I got interrupted. Darn work.
I wanted to comment about the composting. I too wanted to do it for awhile and I would say hell no to buying that wooden product which is $179 for just a hut over your composting area—you’ll still have to shovel out the stuff and mix it up and then get it to where you want it to go months later. Here’s what you do. Get a plastic bin—you may already have one—the type you’d save kids clothes and it has to have a cover. Punch some holes in the cover. Put some leaves and some dirt in the bottom. Put it in an inconspicuous place in your yard. At night when you cook, place the stuff you’d normally throw out (after you prepare your veggies and fruit) into a big bowl. Add your daily coffee grounds and the filter, the lint from the dryer, egg shells, etc. Then nightly take your big bowl or bucket of garbage stuff to your bin and dump it in. Every few days stir it around with a hand shovel Flies will be around it but that’s what happens. I started mine one spring and in the fall when my veggie garden was done I dumped it into the dirt and mixed it around.


I try to recycle everything, I reuse everything, I wash baggies to reuse even. However I am going to give you a heart attack about my carbon footprint right now. It was 99. I drive about 1800-2000 miles a week (yes I typed right) now, so that pretty much threw the nubmer over the top. I am moving closer to where I travel next weekend, so that will surely help. Now you can feel really good about your carbon footprint.

Mama Badger

You forgot one word when describing green items- fricking expensive! That's my only problem with most of that stuff. I know, it's an investment that might (will) save money in the long run, but right now it's expensive.

I'll stop whining now. And go plant a tree or something.

Sprite's Keeper

I saw the SunChips at the market and pressed my finger into the bag. Not only is it loud, it FEELS weird.

Ginny Marie

I'm afraid to find out what my carbon footprint is! I'd love to try out that parsley cleanser...I'm sure it smells better than vinegar, which is what I try to use instead of some of those other nasty chemicals!

The Lawyer Mom

Thank you for this amazing, green compendium!

That plaid baby bandanna is the bees knees.

Err, wait. Was that a politically insensitive comment . . . since the Geico voiceover guy got canned for leaving threatening messages on the Tea Party people's vmail system?


G, sorry I've been such an horrific blog slug lately and haven't been around to visit. My google reader got so full I was afraid to even check it. But I'm getting my unread posts down to a manageable size now, slowly but surely. XOXO


If you want some truly amazing organic wine, try Alma Rosa. Richard goes above and beyond organic, and his wine is really excellent: http://www.almarosawinery.com/about/philosophy.html

I solved the long shower problem by getting a tankless water heater. Now I'm just wasting water instead of water and energy!


Those upcycled leather bags are fucking hot. I've been eying them for a while.

I also love those reusable snack bags. Gonna get me some.


I gotta tell you, this was a great post Gretchen. I have a dead tree in my yard and I will absolutely contact that site you recommended. Also those scarfs for the kids? Phoebe loves those. Seriously, this is incredibly resourceful.


As previously discussed, I need one of those humongo purses...

Trench composting is a great option, especially for those of you not under two foot of snow several months of the year. Check it out with the Google.

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