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Good call telling him you know everything. That will pay off in the long run.

Michele Renee

I thought I was going to read that he then informed you that there was a snail on the back of your shoulder.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Shew! Good save!

Heather (qtberryhead)

They do that on purpose you know. They wait until you're "busy" and then ask you random seriously-who-the-hell-knows questions.
Those little kids are sneaky...I think you'd best be on your toes!
When he finally does catch you one day, and he will, just answer "I know all the super important stuff...like the fact that you stole five cookies and ate them before bed last night!"
They forget about the "trap" question, and focus on the fact that you DO know the important stuff.
Just kidding...eventually your brain starts melting, and that's why we get wrinkles.


Ahh, the joys of your children still believing you know it all. My son has recently discovered I do not know it all. I guess I am ok with that too. Now I can stop answering all the crazy questions that I have no idea the real answer to, and that my brain cant come up with a "logical" pretend answer to fast enough. I can just shrug and say no idea.


Hahaha, so cute!


Oh the questions. I always get hit with those during radio tuning too! ;)

Glad you are still omniscient.


Great save.

Sprite's Keeper

Dude, you almost outed us. Nice recovery, though!


Such a familiar scenario!


That's very sweet, but a mere six years or so from now, he will believe you don't know anything! Enjoy it while you can.


Awe, so precious...I remember those sweet conversations, back when my boys thought I was superwoman...now they just think I'm an endless supply of money! (Boy, do they have that one wrong!)

Julie at MDMA

What a great question! And thank God he asked someone with the credentials to answer it properly ... I do think the mileage quoting added a certainly authenticity to the whole caper (perhaps you could have thrown in a "your mileage will vary" to cover your ass, too). Keep up the good (all-knowing mommy) work!


Whew, nice save!
Clearly he's gonna keep you on your toes!

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