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Wasteful Wed AND Whiney Wed sound just up my alley!
So funny!


I completely vote for Menopausal Monday and Turning Green Tuesday. Both subjects I know quite a bit about. I'd do Fat Tuesday, but...well...I don't diet very well.


Turning Green? In a heartbeat. There are at least two blogs I know of. "Humor" blogs. In quotes for a reason. Oh, wait. We weren't supposed to start yet, right?

Sprite's Keeper

I personally like Think Tank Thursday. But I am still feeling the effects of last night's Tylenol PM so I don't think my vote should be counted.


I am totally for Think Tank Thursdays...after all, the internet contains so many self-proclaimed "experts" (myself included) that we are bound to have the perfect answer!

I think for a version of wasted Wednesday to work, it must follow Prescription Drug Swap Saturdays...just ensure enough really good fodder.

Mama Badger

I can't even commit to remembering what day of the week it is at this point. However, Think Tank Thursday sounds fun. I'm up for donning some tights and saving the world.

The Red C

I promise to add snarky comments to any of the above EXCEPT Menopausal Monday and Bloggers Got Talent Tuesday... I thought both topics were givens for bloggers?

Michele Renee

You had me laughing at these! I bet I could participate in a lot of them so if you are throwing one of these parties I'll definitely attend!


Wednesday seems to have many great ideas already, but I'd like to suggest "I Don't Wanna" Wednesdays. We can all unburden ourselves of the endless "to-do" lists by throwing those nagging tasks on the communal bonfire.

Alternately, I'd suggest "Fun Food" Fridays. It's a regular at our house and the day we eat the things we've been telling ourselves all week that we can't. I'd love to hear others forbidden foods (with recipes, please!)


Ooh girl, you really are the hostess w/the mostess. Great concepts, every one!! I'm especially taken with Green Tuesdays and Wasted Wednesdays. And durn, I don't have any Rx drugs to swap. Though I think the MPM has a lone Valium in an envelope somewhere, for pre-procedure nerves he never suffered.

Howzabout Snarky Saturday?

Ginny Marie

What? No votes for Talk like a Pirate Tuesday? Argggg.


You make me laugh! I always take Jason's phone and read your blog during Grace's late night feeding. Which is why I don't always comment--can't figure out how to do it on his phone! :)Talk Like a Pirate and Prescription Swap had me laughing though, which caused Grace a little disturbance! :)

Happy Easter--hope you guys had a great one!


I am all for most of them...keep me posted and I will join in...
I really like the idea of the Snarky Saturday too.
Looking forward to hearing more on this.


"leftover drugs" Leftovers? What's that? ;-)


I just realized my last 2 comments where about drugs, legal and illegal. Nice.

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